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Meet “Plant Daddy,” A Guy Who Spent $5,000 Buying 200 Species of House Plants




  • California guy Cyril Sontillano has been dubbed as the “Plant Daddy.”
  • He has spent $5,000 in his “addiction” and now has over 200 species of houseplants in his collection.

A 30-year-old guy from Monterey, California has rightfully gained the moniker ‘Plant Daddy’ because of his self-confessed “addiction” to plants. In fact, he loves plants so much he prefers having them around his place than people, he said.

According to reports, Cyril Sontillano has spent more than $5,000 on buying over 200 different species of plants for his home. Now his house already looks like a botanical paradise like no other!

He’s got lots of cacti, succulents, and everything else in between!

In a Jam Press Interview, Cyril said that he buys at least 1 or 2 plants weekly. So far, he already has 300 indoor and 70 outdoor plants.

Of course, maintaining the plants can take a lot of work. Cyril spends about half an hour each day to check on his babies and also to “admire new growth and flowers.”

Cyril shared:

“I come from generations of plant lovers and farmers and I think it’s something I’ve acquired genetically and through the upbringing and the environment I grew up in. I enjoy gardening and caring for my plants and all the creative pursuits I do which relate to it.”

On weekends, it takes him around 2 to 3 hours to repot plants, make moss poles, and also to capture pictures and videos of his plants for Instagram where he has numerous eager followers, waiting for his latest uploads.

Aside from plants, Cyril also loves his pet cats.

“Having plants around me is just relaxing,” said Cyril, “they allow me to be creative and encourage me to be patient and resilient.”

If you’re interested to see more and want to follow Cyril’s green adventures, you can go check him out on Instagram via @cyrilcybernated.

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