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Science Claims Living Near Trees Will Make You Feel Like Getting A $10,000 Salary

Mark Andrew





There’s something about seeing lots of trees that just relaxes the mind.

When spending a vacation, for example, many of us tend to pick spots that are close to nature. Besides, we all want some fresh air and nothing assures that better than a bunch of trees. Taking a stroll on these green surroundings can help a lot in reducing stress. In fact, you may even have to walk sometimes just to feel the benefits. Just staring at nature somehow brings positive effects.

Well, if this new research is to be believed, it seems living near tree-filled areas is much more worth it than simply seeing trees occasionally – or not being close to any at all.

This study was conducted by the University of Chicago in the United States. According to their research, those who live in cities surrounded with trees are much healthier compared with those who don’t see greens most of the time.

Lead researcher Marc Berman said:

“We have known that the natural environment can improve health, but this study shows for the first time how big that impact can be.”

According to the research, living close to nature will make you feel healthier, richer, and younger.


Photo credit: ScienceAlert

The researchers went as far as specifying that residents of a city block with 10 more trees feel 1% healthier – that’s exactly the same impact to a person who gets a $10,200 raise. On top of that, individual may feel at least 7 years younger than his or her actual age.

Data from the research was based on an Ontario Health Study where 30,000 people in Toronto, Canada are regularly surveyed regarding their health.

… And the health benefits don’t even end there.

city trees

Photo credit: ncsu-feop

Earlier this year, another study established the direct relationship between nature and health. A research also said that nature exposure for at least 90 minutes could help people’s neural activity and emotional regulation.

Researcher Peter Dockrill said:

“When compared to rural folk, people living in cities have a 40 percent higher risk of mood disorders and a 20 percent higher risk of anxiety disorders. They’re also twice as likely to develop schizophrenia.”

Of course, climbing a tree is also an excellent way to enhance cognitive ability plus staying in a place with no electricity for a week can be effective in resetting one’s body clock.

Let’s all go plant some trees then!

H/T: ScienceAlert


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