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Little Girl Performs an Astounding Piece Using a Harp This Made Her a Musical Prodigy





Harp is a musical instrument that may look intimidating to play at first glance.

While you may find it as an instrument that is extremely challenging to learn and play, it’s not too late to gain knowledge of it since harp is for every age, different personalities and talents.

What is tricky with this musical instrument is on how you make music sound impressive and remarkable. Patience and practice are keys in acquiring the skills and learning it by heart.

Many people who play harp say that it is life enhancing as it’s a form of relaxation, habit and at the same time creativity is being developed.

A very good example and inspiration is young Alisa Sadikova. Her determination will inspire people who are interested in learning the harp. Starting young trying to learn and play musical instruments are all possible.

Alisa Sadikova, literally makes it sound easy to play music with this wonderful instrument, the harp. She started to play the instrument at the age of 5 and at the age of 9 on December 12, 2012, she amazed the entire audience after playing ‘The Fountain’ by Marcel Lucien Grandjany at the XIII International Winter Festival held in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia.

According to Alisa, she loves harp describing it as the softest and most beautiful instrument. The harp looks very big on her but when she starts playing it she continuously amazes the crowd.

Alisa Sadikova is now 11 years old and being trained by Olga Shevelevich.

Olga Shevelevich said,

“I was struck with awe,”
“I’m still struck with awe every time I hear her play. Only a genius can do what she does.”

Alisa Sadikova has performed many times at a very young age in which she was recognized and known as harp prodigy.

Watch and be amazed as the harp is played. Close your eyes and hear the angelic music coming from a young talented girl.


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