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24 Celebrities Who Are Also Impressive Artists





Aside from acting in front of the camera or performing for massive audiences, some popular personalities spend their spare time in front on the canvas, using brushes and paints to express themselves.

It’s really quite surprising to consider, especially if you see the quality of their work. In fact, we think some of these actors and musicians can actually double as full-time painters.

This compilation shows us the visually-creative side of our favorite celebrities so pay close attention. You’ll be blown away to know that funny man Jim Carrey (The Mask, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber), action star Sylvester Stallone (Rambo, Rocky), Asian actress Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill), crooner Tony Bennett (Fly Me to the Moon), and singer-songwriter Bob Dylan (The Times They Are A-Changin’, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door) among others, all have something in common – they’re great artists in their own rights.

Check this compilation out and see for yourself:

#1. Michael Jackson

#2. Jim Carrey

Source: ArtNet
#3. Marilyn Manson

#4 Johnny Depp

Source: Depp Impact
#5 Anthony Hopkins

#6 Ronnie Wood

Source: Ronnie Wood
#7 Tony Bennett

Source: Tony Bennett
#8 Bob Dylan

#9 David Bowie

#10 Pierce Brosnan

#11 Lucy Liu

Source: Lucy Liu
#12 Paul Simonon

Source: Paul Simonon
#13 Prince Charles

#14 Marilyn Monroe

#15 James Franco

#16 George W. Bush

Source: Bush Center
#17 Frank Sinatra

#18 Steven Tyler

#19 Paul McCartney

#20 Macaulay Culkin

#21 Sylvester Stallone

#22 John Lennon

#23 Paul Stanley

Source: Paul Stanley
#24 Johnny Cash

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Well these multi-talented individuals definitely deserve our praise and admiration. Drop a comment below if you think we’ve missed mentioning other artistic celebrities out there!

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