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How Different Leg Postures May Be Secretly Exposing Your Real Thoughts

Stay extremely focused for a day and observe if you’re doing any of these.

People may have facial expressions to show how they feel and they can even practice putting on a particular face for social harmony. Facial parts are closer to the brain and because of that, people tend to be more aware of what they do when they make a face. However, when it comes to body parts farther from the brain – specifically the legs- people may be less aware of what they’re doing – and this could be the very thing that exposes what they’re really thinking.

Leg posture can be a good source of information about someone’s personality or thoughts. This can be helpful, especially for people who do job interviews. What does it mean then if you stand with your legs apart or if you sit with your ankles locked together?

Check out different leg positions illustrated by Lifehack and what they can tell about a person.

#1. Figure 4

A person sitting in a Figure 4 position means he’s competitive and ready to argue. While there are certain situations where this posture is justified, you need to be aware what it means when you are getting to this position.

#2. Legs far apart

Men who use this stance are said to be showing that they’re dominant since the posture puts an emphasis on the pelvic area. If you want to look confident, use the leg-apart stance. However, you might also need to consider where and when to stand this way so you won’t look threatening or intimidating.

#3. Ankle cross

Women tend to sit in an ankle-crossed position as it looks feminine and polite. But this sitting position doesn’t really help during interviews since it can make you seem nervous.

If you happen to see a friend crossing their ankles while sitting, you may want to ask positive questions to shake off those nerves. You’ll observe that the ankles eventually unlock.

#4. Standing leg-cross

This position differs for men and women. Women take this position when they want to appear authoritative. It’s the counterpart to men’s “leg-apart” position. On the other hand, men who take this position want people to know that he’s not going anywhere. At the same time, he feels insecure about the groin area.

#5. Legs together

This neutral position can mean a lot of things. If a child does it, it shows he or she is attentive to the person he or she is talking to. The stance also shows respect. If you don’t want to offend anyone, this stance is a safe choice.

#6. Feet position

Someone’s feet position can tell what he or she is thinking. It is said that our lead foot is likely to point to the most interesting or good-looking person we see in the group. If someone’s feet point to the exit, that person wants to leave.

Try to be very focused and observe what your legs are doing in a particular situation. Are you doing any of these leg positions?


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