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Woman Took Her Beloved Dog On An Epic Adventure And It’s Heartbreaking

Beautiful story. This made me cry and smile.


Lauren Fern Watt had been through a lot with her 160-pound English Mastiff, Gizelle. That’s why when her beloved dog was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer six months ago, she was totally crushed. Gizelle wasn’t only her bestfriend, she was also her roommate and confidant. Who helped her through college, boyfriends and moving to the big and scary New York City.

Instead of spending all her time crying. Lauren decided to be strong and create a bucket-list adventure of everything they want to try before Gizelle died. From lazing on the beach to eating lots of premium ice cream.

It was my mission for us to indulge and explore life’s joys. We’d escape the city and search for waterfalls, cook lobster, and nap in the grass. We’d jump in the ocean without towels, just to enjoy the sun drying us, and never stress about details like sand in the car.

Lauren Fern Watt was devastated when her beloved dog, Gizelle, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer last year.


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Instead of spending her last months sobbing, Watt decided to embark on an epic adventure and do something worth remembering.


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“Ride in the canoe.”


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First, the fantastic duo set out on a boat ride, honoring their favorite scene from “The Little Mermaid.”

“See the Times Square.”


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Like most New Yorkers, the two were “a little repulsed” by the famous landmark, but this occasion called for a visit.

“Cook lobster in Maine.”


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Gizelle had the chance to meet some unusual friends from the sea, but only for a short while. Soon they were sent to a pot and cooked to perfection.

“Eat ice cream on a dock.”


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Watt and Gizelle had a lovely time watching boats float by and enjoying vanilla ice cream.

“Go on a road trip.”


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A four-day girls only road trip through New England blasting Taylor Swift and The Beach Boys. Talk about a vacation!

“Cuddle as much as possible.”


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A lapdog is a lapdog for life.

“Spend a whole day at Washington Square Park.”


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They were serenaded by a man with a broken guitar, met a guy with a fish tattoo on his face and helped a lady in red kimono feed the pigeons.

“Go to a party and meet a cute boy dog.”


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Gizelle and her new four-legged friend, Auggie.

“Find the best doughnut in the world.”


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Looks like they succeeded!

“Meet Santa.”


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Watt was told that Gizelle wouldn’t make it till Christmas, so she knew it was a must to meet Santa. Or at least his little helpers.

“Sit on the beach in the winter.”


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This was the last photo of Watt and Gizelle’s adventure.

That final trip not only helped Watt cope with the loss of her pet, but also to see life for what it is: “a sweet, simple, precious adventure.”


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Please visit this link to read the full story.

Watt is currently working on a book that will contain more fun adventures with her Gizelle. You can get updates by following Watt on Twitter and Instagram.

Credits: Lauren F. Watt


Alzheimer’s Patients Always Tried To Escape From a Hospital. What the Staff Did? Brilliant!

The solution is effective. But is it brilliant or cruel?

Alzheimer’s is one of those diseases that has no cure. Although there are treatments that can prevent some symptoms to get worse, the ability of the patients to handle daily tasks may dwindle as the disease progresses. That is why it is heartbreaking to see a loved one having some memory loss or losing their ability to plan and organize on their own. Day by day, you will see changes in their personality as the patient pass from one stage to another, in fact, by the time they reach the severe stage they will show some fits and become a danger to themselves.

Whenever Alzheimer’s patients are lost in their memories, they have the tendency to get confused and wander off from their homes or caring facility. This can be tragic to their love ones because most patients end up in compromising situations like rambling aimlessly into the wilderness, cold and shoeless, or standing in the middle of the highway disoriented from the things that are happening around him.

Caring for Alzheimer’s patients is an everyday struggle for health care professionals and families who want to protect them from getting lost. For many years, they thought locking the person with Alzheimer could be the best solution. But some argued that this remedy is quite harsh to patients despite the fact that it’s for their own good.

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Oldest Woman in Scotland Shares Her SECRETS to a Long LIFE! You Will Be Surprised!

I can’t believe it’s that simple! This is hilarious.


Last January 2, 2015, in a small town of Scotland, Jessie Gallan celebrated her Birthday. On that day, she became an instant celebrity. Various TV networks were all eager to have her for interviews and to take her photos. Why? Well, she has just celebrated her 109th birthday! Yup, you heard me right. Currently, she is the oldest woman in Scotland. And the 100 million dollar question is how the heck did she reach that age?

Fortunately, she was more than willing to share her secrets to a long life. Amazingly, she has no bizarre secrets that people expected to hear. She has been living her life just like any other ordinary woman. According to her, she just has this particular habit of eating a bowl of porridge every morning and lives a happy life. When asked why she preferred to remain single rather than live a life with someone special, she proudly responded “men are more trouble than they are worth”. We have no idea about her experience in the past, but she seriously vowed not to get married. I guess, being single was one of her secrets. Hopefully not!

Watch the hilarious video:

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Weak Elderly Woman was Moved to Tears When Her Nurse Does This To Her.

Her nurse enters the room and sits next to her. His next words have her in complete tears.

Many of us do our jobs just for the sake of working and getting paid at the end of the day. But there are some who cares about the convenience and comfort of their clients, and even go an extra mile just to provide their needs and make them feel better. One of them is Jared Axen, one of a kind nurse in Valencia Hospital in California who does more than just distributing medications to his patients, he also sings for them.

Jared recently became a viral internet sensation. The way he takes care of his patients has won the hearts of millions. He doesn't only administer medications, turn on the TV, and leave the room. Jared adds a personal level service that is downright amazing. He loves to hold the patient's hand while singing a beautiful song to them. Being the excellent singer that he is, his patients routinely cry tears of joy as he sings to them.

In this heartwarming video, you would see Jared doing his usual rounds in the hospital. And, the most touching part is when he sang for an elderly woman named Norma Lakoske who was moved to tears after hearing his song.

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