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Lacoste Changes Iconic Crocodile Logo With 10 Endangered Species To Raise Awareness

The number of polo shirts produced for each animal in the series “corresponded to the remaining population sizes in the wild.”

Mark Andrew





Lacoste recently made headlines after taking a huge step towards raising awareness about animal conservation. As it appears, the popular clothing brand has replaced its iconic crocodile logo with 10 endangered animals.

The company collaborated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the project as they launched polo shirts bearing the images of the 10 animals. To further drive their point, the number of polo shirts produced for each animal in the series “corresponded to the remaining population sizes in the wild,” the official Lacoste website tells us.

More than just a marketing campaign, we likewise learn that people who purchase the shirts are actually “helping IUCN and Lacoste in the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide” since all the profits are reinvested.

As the website pointed out, half of the profits “go directly to IUCN, funding tangible nature protection actions” while the other half gets invested in “communication that gives visibility to this cause and the Save Our Species program.”

Here are the 10 endangered animals featured in the project along with essential information about each one:

#1. The Burmese Roofed Turtle (40)

The future of this spectacularly-colored freshwater turtle native to Burma looks rather dark. Rampant egg collection for local and distant consumption, easily predictable nesting sites and reproduction periods make it an endangered species with man as its first predator.

#2. The Javan Rhino (67)

Javan Rhinos are very rare, quiet and solitary animals. They are now only found in Indonesia, under the protection of the Rhino Protection Unit, both in plains and rainforest. They are endangered because of their low reproduction rate as well as intensive poaching for their horns.

#3. The Northern Sportive Lemur (50)

This primate measures just over 50 centimeters from head to tail and weighs around 800 grams. It can be found in the dry forests of Northern Madagascar. Intensive poaching and the destruction of its habitat for agriculture and deforestation make it a critically-endangered species.

With a wingspan that can reach 3 meters, the California condor is the largest flying bird in America. Its bald head is red orange while its large body is covered in black feathers. Its survival is threatened by lead poisoning and human-induced garbage that pollutes its natural habitat.

#5. The Kakapo (157)

This flightless, nocturnal parrot with yellowish moss green and brown plumage is native to New Zealand and can measure up to 60 centimeters. The male kakapo produces a strange and powerful ‘boom’ call to attract females. It is an endangered species mostly because of its very low reproductive rate.

#6. The Vaquita (30)

The Vaquita, or Gulf of California porpoise, is a solitary sea mammal that enjoys swimming at a leisurely pace in shallow waters. It weighs around 48 kilos on average and measures 1.5 meter in length. It is a critically endangered species due to shrimp gillnets in which it can get entangled.

#7. The Anegada Ground Iguana (450)

This iguana, native to the British Virgin Island of Anegada, is an herbivore that can weigh up to 6 kilos and measure over 60 centimeters and live in the tropical dry forest. Unfortunately, cattle breeding and agriculture make their habitat shrink and feral cats and dogs find them quite tasty.

#8. The Cao-vit Gibbon (150)

This ape is one of the rarest in the world. Despite weighing between 5 and 10 kilos, the Cao-vit Gibbon can swing from branch to branch with great agility. This gibbon can be found in a forest located at the border of China and Vietnam, where deforestation reduces its habitat.

#9. The Saola (250)

These shy and solitary herbivores lead a quiet life in the forests and mountains of Vietnam and Laos. But their survival is threatened due to intensive poaching in the area, making the saola one of the only large mammals in critical danger of extinction.

#10. The Sumatran Tiger (350)

This carnivore, which can weigh up to 100 kilos and measure up to 2 meters in length, lives in Indonesia. It is genetically distinct from other territorial tigers and constitutes a subspecies in itself. Nowadays, the main threats it faces are poaching and deforestation.

As of this writing, reports tell us that consumers responded positively to the viral project and the limited edition shirts are already sold out. Despite that, those interested to make donations may still visit for additional information.

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