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Kids Are Spending Less Time Outdoors Than Prisoners, According To New Study

This is a disturbing trend!


You know something is definitely wrong with the world the moment you realize that prison inmates are spending more time outdoors than kids. Parents, do listen up!

This was recently discovered by a new study conducted by a team of experts based in the United Kingdom. The research revealed that 74% of kids spent less than an hour playing outdoors per day. In addition, it was also found out that a fifth of the children did not even spend time playing outside on an average day.

In an interview with The Guardian, ‘wild play’ advocate Mark Sears said, “The truth is we are enclosing our children. We are stifling their ability to be free, to be at their best as children and it is having significant impacts.”

Meanwhile, another survey conducted among 12,000 parents in 10 countries indicated that only one-third of kids ages 5 to 12 spent merely less than 30 minutes of outdoor playtime per day.

“Parents see the value of outdoor play and still it doesn’t happen,” Sears also commented.

Source: YouTube

He pointed out several reasons why this trend happens such as the fear of strangers, traffic or accidents. Other than that, being busy in school and work were also identified as contributing factors. Plus there’s video games and other electronic gadgets!

Meanwhile, Wabash Valley Correctional Institute prisoners say outdoor time is “probably the most important part” of their day.

Source: YouTube

In the short film entitled “Free the Kids – Dirt is Good,” one of the inmates in the said maximum security facility in Indiana commented that being outside provides an opportunity to “take all the frustration and all your problems and just leave them out there. It keeps my mind right, keeps my body strong.”

Watch the film here and learn more:

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So parents, what’s your take regarding this disturbing trend? More importantly, what do you plan to do about it?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Experts Are Baffled Why Robots Sent to Clean Fukushima Mysteriously Kept Dying

A robot has malfunction after only two hours of exposure to radiation.

Cleaning up Fukushima after the nuclear radiation mess in 2011 has proven to be a challenging feat that not even robots can handle. High radiation levels caused the machines to malfunction repeatedly every time a probe is sent out to inspect the site. The Japanese company that is in charge of the cleanup admitted that the robots keep failing.

It is believed that an estimate of 600 tons of toxic fuel may have leaked out from the reactor, following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Before the cleanup was done, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) needed to assess the location and the extent of the leakage. It sent out “scorpion” robots to do the job because the radiation levels are too high for any human being to survive.

The incident at the Fukushima Daishii Nuclear Plant made the place look like a ghost town.

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You see, the turtle — which is estimated to be 25 years old — had been living in a pond in the Sri Racha district in Thailand's Chonburi province. It so happened that the local authorities had decided to develop the area where the pond was located.

The turtle was named "Om Sin," which means "Piggy Bank" in Thai.

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