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Good Samaritan Tries To Save Christmas Decor That Looks Like A Dangling Man





A Texas home decorated to look like a scene straight from a 1989 Christmas classic gave a man quite a scare, prompting him to call 911. The good Samaritan thought someone needed to be rescued after seeing a “person” hanging from a roof.

Christmas-mad homeowner Chris Heerlein chose the iconic scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” for his display, where Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) dangles from the roof while decorating his house. Unfortunately, his display appeared to be too real for Alfred Norwood Jr.

Chris and Hannah Heerlein decided to recreate the scene from the comedy flick in hopes to win the Christmas decorating contest. But Chris’ attention to detail led to more than just some Christmas cheer. It also almost gave Alfred a heart attack.

The whole incident was caught on camera.

Alfred could be heard shouting to the hanging man, “Please hold on!” He was then captured running toward the home, trying to wrestle the ladder free from a string of lights to get it close to the dummy’s feet.

He then asked the dangling mannequin, “can you reach it?” After not getting a response, Alfred called out “Help!” toward the street and called 911.

Austin police showed up to the house and asked the nanny about the dangling mannequin. The owners weren’t home at the time but the nanny said she would let the family know about the 911 call.

The Heerleins’ felt bad about what happened and wanted to reach out to Alfred for genuinely trying to save their display. The family then gave him a gift card to thank him for his good deed.

To avoid another similar incident, the couple put up a sign, informing passers-by that the dangling person is just a mannequin.

The sign read:

“Clark G is part of our Christmas display please do not call 911.”

Watch the video here:

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