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Construction Worker Has Motorists Laughing With Hilarious Moves At Detour





Most of us take our jobs very seriously and would always do things by the book. However, doing the same exact thing over and over again every single day can get a little tiring.

So one construction worker took the liberty to turn his job into something fun, not only for himself but for the motorists as well. You see, his duty was to direct traffic at a detour, but felt it was too plain and predictable, so he decided to spice things up a bit.

Instead of just standing there and waving his little flag, he busted a series of slick moves that had motorists in stitches.

Quitta Williams of Niagra Falls, New York witnessed the whole thing and took to social media to share the spectacle. She posted a video of the construction worker, who was later identified as Sebastiano Spurio.

She wrote:

“You seen it here 1st…Niagara Falls finest directing traffic… Ain’t nothing wrong with loving your job! I’m taking you viral!!”

As Quitta predicted, the video went viral with more than 18 million views and over 350,000 shares on Facebook just two months after it was posted on the platform.

Netizens enjoyed Sebastian’s joyful performance and had nothing but good things to say about him.

“Great to see someone with a sense of humor flagging!” One commented. “It kills time and makes us smile and laugh. A job well done. Thank you,” another one wrote. One netizen then said, “Make your day a fun one and it will never be work.”

The positive response has reached Sebastiano, and he wrote back to his fans.

“As a man who fights for his mental health every day, it is surreal to see my silly way of helping a few strangers smile and imagine those happy moments ripple throughout the city and world is what I truly believe this really is all about.”

Watch the video here:

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