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What started as a simple homework assignment, became a serious mission to fight hunger. When Katie Stagliano was in third grade, her teacher asked the students to try and grow a cabbage from a single seedling. Katie’s cabbage grew to an impressive 40 pounds. She decided to take the cabbage to a local soup kitchen, where it was prepared with ham and rice. It help feed more than 270 people, whose happy faces inspired her to do more.

She established “Katie’s Krops” with the help of her friends and the head chef at her school. After six years, it supports 75 youth-run gardens in 27 states and it managed to raise over $200,000. Katie believes if other children also experience the joy of gardening like she did, they will not only enjoy it, but they will also appreciate how many people they can help.

Katie Stagliano loves gardening.


Photo credit: NationSwell
When she was in third grade, she grew a massive 40 pounds cabbage


Photo credit: NationSwell
She gave the cabbage to local soup kitchen and it feed 275 people.


Photo credit: NationSwell
With the help of her friends, she established “Katies Krops” to feed the homeless.


Photo credit: NationSwell
Her school allowed her to have a garden for her cause.


Photo credit: NationSwell
Since then her dedication inspired lots of people from her community.


Photo credit: NationSwell
Katie’s Krops now operates 75 youth-run gardens in 27 states and it managed to raise over $200,000.


Photo credit: NationSwell
Her new goal is to have 500 gardens in 50 states.


Photo credit: NationSwell

At a young age, Katie is already such an inspiration. I can’t even imagine how many more lives she will be able to help in her lifetime.

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