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Amature Video Shows Terrifying Moment A Train Crashes Into An 18-Wheeler Truck





A husband and wife was about to cross a train track in Mer Rouge Louisiana when an 18-wheeler truck got stuck on the train track. When the train crossing lights signals an incoming train, the woman grabbed her camera and started recording the terrifying moment the speeding train smashed into the truck.

According to News Star, the driver of the truck was able to jump out of the vehicle before the collision and he escaped unscratched. Unfortunately, two train engineers was seriously injured. They were hospitalized and already in stable condition.

Netizens have criticized the couple especially the woman who, instead of calling 911, she kept filming and repeatedly asked her husband if the driver got out. However, she later explained that there’s no need to call 911 because they were sitting in front of the police station who also heard the crash and came running out.

Watch the Shocking Video:

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Source: Youtube, TwistedSifter

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