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Peekaboo Surprise Left Poor Little Girl Terrified After Dad Shaves Beard





Kids love peekaboo games. But this little girl got a terrifying surprise while playing peekaboo with her dad. Obviously, she did not like it. The video was uploaded last September 11, 2014 and as of this post garnered more than 9 million views. At the first, the two was playing a happy peekaboo game with the little girl giggling as her daddy hides his bearded face under a washcloth, popping out several times saying “peekaboo!” She laughed and giggled of course.

Then the father told the little girl to hold on for a minute and he will be back. He returns with his face once again covered with the washcloth.

When the girl peeks under the cover, she realizes her dad isn’t the same man he was only moments earlier. He shaved his beard and she starts to cry because it appears she does not recognize her father with his new appearance. Poor thing.

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