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Little Girl Forgot Her Stuffed Bunny At a Hotel, So The Staff Took It On An Adventure

Adare Manor Hotel found a lost stuffed bunny and gave it special treatment until they found its owner.


Losing a favorite toy can be a pretty sad experience for any child.

Fortunately, this hotel from Ireland had a little fun with the stuffed bunny they found until they were able to give it back to Kate Hogan, its rightful owner.

One of the staff members for Adare Manor Hotel actually found the bunny and instead of putting it in the usual lost-and-found section, they thought they’d have a little fun with it.

It all started when they posted a photo of the lost bunny on Facebook last January 2 and captioned it this way:

“I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor.”

lost bunny 10

The photo went viral getting more than 1,000 reactions and 300 shares on the said social media site.

A hotel spokesperson said:

“We decided to keep it going. We thought Facebook was a great way to get the word out there.”

Here are the rest of the little bunny’s adventure:

“Claire in Concierge is helping me find my family, having fun at Adare Manor.”

lost bunny 1

“Chilling before breakfast.”

lost bunny 2

“Have to stay in Adare Manor tonight, hopefully my owner will come to collect me tomorrow.”

lost bunny 3

“Getting used to this, afternoon tea at Adare Manor.”

lost bunny 4

“Yippee… My owners have been found, I get to stay another night in Adare Manor and then home for a celebratory party tomorrow.”

lost bunny 6

“Just enough time for a massage from lovely Kate in the treatment rooms before I go home.”

lost bunny 5

“Off to stretch my legs with Claire after afternoon tea.”

lost bunny 7

The family eventually wrote “Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat.”

lost bunny 8

Kate said she loved the toy so much because “He was my first ever teddy.”

lost bunny 9

Netizen Kira Rückemann commented at BoredPanda saying:

I love this! This is an example of the people in right place – that know how to act and treat something that could be a treasure for kid. I think that this hotel service are wonderful people, that never forgotten child in their hearts.

Daniela Nik added:

And a good advertising for almost zero money 😉 But I do like it, its nice for the kid and good for the hotel, a win-win


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