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NEW ‘Monopoly For Sore Losers’ Is Perfect For Those Who Hate Losing




  • Hasbro Gaming’s new Monopoly For Sore Losers is a fresh take on the classic board game.
  • The game is designed to make people “feel good” about losing as they get to collect cash along the way and even play the Mr. Monopoly token.

Hasbro Gaming has come up with an interesting update on everyone’s favorite classic board game. As its name implies, the new Monopoly For Sore Losers is a game that’s been specifically designed for players who absolutely hate losing.

Available for sale online at US$19.99, Monopoly For Sore Losers has been included in this year’s Dream Toys List of the Toy Retailers Association. According to the organization, parents and children are playing together more these days because of the pandemic and this boardgame is a highly recommended gift idea this coming Christmas.

Don’t get sad. Get even!

In the official Hasbro website, we read:

“Say goodbye to the frustration of losing while playing Monopoly, and say hello to the Monopoly For Sore Losers board game. This hilarious twist on the Monopoly game turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead.”

Losing has never been this satisfying!

“Players earn cash by doing the typically frustrating things in the game such as going to Jail, paying rent on a property, or going bankrupt,” the description continued.

You can even use Mr. Monopoly himself!

We further read:

“And those who really start sinking can make a comeback using the large Mr. Monopoly token that gives players advantages over everyone else. So get playing, get the revenge you’ve been craving, and feel good about losing!”

Meanwhile, DreamToys selection committee chair Gary Grant shared:

“2020 has been a challenging year for all, but toys have entertained and educated many during lockdown. “This year’s list represents a mixture of those toys which have kept families company during these difficult times, and innovation which will impress under the tree. We hope toys will continue to bring joy to all families over the festive period – as they have always done.”

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