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‘Construction Guy’ Who Becomes Hit Instagram Influencer Is NOT What He Seems To Be

Followers love him for “trolling influencers and winning.” It looks like he’s also trolling everyone else!

  • A construction worker from Austin, Texas gained social media fame after deciding he’ll be a lifestyle influencer.
  • Omar, who goes by the handle @justaconstructionguy, now has over 500,000 followers on Instagram.
  • It was, however, later revealed the account is just a marketing trick by a coffee brand.

His story is adorable and his posts made the internet an instant fan. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ve all been deceived by a clever marketing stunt.

According to initial reports, Omar, who is supposedly a construction worker from Austin, Texas, asked his daughter about what an Instagram influencer is. After her explanation, the dad responded with “Psshh, I could do that.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Omar, who is a self-described coffee lover, instantly became a star on Instagram after attracting over 500,00 followers. This was, of course, a surprising number, considering that his first post was only last May 4, 2019.

Many have since been praising Omar for “trolling influencers and winning.”

His followers are calling him a breath of fresh air, compared with all the so -called lifestyle influencers out there. Besides, his posts are often decidedly simple, wholesome, and humorous.

“Daily essentials,” he captioned this post, much to the delight of his fans.
“Am I doing this right?” #TakeMeWithYou#InfluencerLife
“Stogie break.”

“My daughter told me this splash photo is a ‘thing.’ It’s a waste of coffee in my opinion, but oh well.” #InfluencerProblems

His social media popularity has since gained attention and love from BoredPanda and many other websites.

His followers, on the other hand, have enthusiastically commented on his posts, with one writing that his photos “are more interesting than other influencers.”

Another fan likewise pointed out that the internet sure needs more “working class influencers” like Omar.

Much to everyone’s dismay, it turns out the ‘Omar’ account is just a marketing campaign by Cuvée Coffee.

Omar wrote in this photo’s caption:

“Coffee art in a thermos cap? Might be a first! Thanks to fine folks at @cuveecoffee for being good sports.”

Truth eventually came out and it was learned that the Instagram page was actually nothing more than a marketing trick by the coffee brand itself.

Understandably, a lot of netizens eventually expressed their displeasure over the fake account.

As one angry commenter put it:

“People at @cuveecoffeeweren’t good sport, they are behind this fake wholesome account. F**k you Omar or whatever… You gave me hope but you’re just a f**king lie.”


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