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Jingshan, The Smallest Mountain In China Can Be Conquered With Just One Step

..And another step back to conquer it all over again.

China has just revealed that a rock that is less than a meter high is not a rock at all. In fact, the country has considered it a mountain.

Shouguang in China’s Shandong Province is where you will find ‘Jingshan’, the smallest mountain in the country, or maybe in the whole world. It only measures 0.6 meters from ground to its peak point and you just need one single step for it to be conquered.

This rock is 4 feet long and just about 2 feet wide.

Jingshan may not be the most remarkable mountain in the globe, but at Shouguang district this mountain is their symbol and is also a well-known tourist destination.

But, it’s so small! How can it be a mountain?

A curator of Shouguang Museum narrates how the rock became a mountain.

“During the Republic of China era, some people challenged the claim that it was a mountain and insisted it was just a rock.

The authority arranged for people to dig around it.

They dug a long time but couldn’t reach the bottom.

Therefore it was classified as a mountain”

A second excavation was attempted in 1958 but they also could not reach the bottom part of it either.

Thus it was confirmed to be the smallest mountain in the country.

Just how deep is this rock embedded? We may never know because its protected status already makes it illegal to dig around.

Building any type of structure in close proximity to it is also banned because of any accidental damage that may occur. A number of photos of Jingshan, China’s tiny mountain went viral on Chinese social media, drawing attention to an amusing, hilarious and entertaining commentary.

One comment from a local man who said that:

“Legend has it that, hundreds of years ago, a woman urinated on the mountain causing it to stop growing.”


Zoo Owner Uses ‘Magic Slipper’ To Reprimand Lions That Are Bullying A Small Lioness

The zoo owner was clearly the most terrifying animal in the safari park that day.

A zoo keeper is proving that he is on the top of the food chain. The owner of a Ukranian safari park has just stopped a group of lions from bullying a smaller lioness. However, the daring feat was made even more impressive by his weapon of choice. The brave man used what he called his "magic slipper" to strike fear into the hearts of the predators.

Oleg Zubkov owns the Tagani Safari Park in the Crimea in Ukraine. Interestingly, the zoo director has clearly asserted his dominance over the wild beasts that roam the park. A viral video taken by a visitor features Zubkov marching straight into a pride of lions that are ganging up on a young lioness. Just as the alpha male charges for an attack, the park owner whips off his shoe and whacks the beasts into submission.

After scaring off a large male, Oleg Zubkov raised his 'magic slipper' on another lioness.

The video opens with a shot of a pride of lions seemingly relaxing in the park. However, things got tense when an older lioness appeared to threaten a smaller female. Zubkov immediately moved in to break up the commotion and zeroed in on a large male creeping in on the attacked lioness. Then, with a swift move that would make a Mexican mother proud, the zoo director hurled his slipper at the lion....

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Captured Alligator Headbutts Wildlife Trapper, Slaps Police Officer In Fight For Freedom

The angry gator fought back and almost escaped when the trapper lost consciousness.

It was an epic showdown between man and beast. A huge alligator fought back against a wildlife trapper who tried to take it down. The reptile managed to knock the man out with a thundering headbutt. In addition to that, the captured animal slapped a police officer that tried to stop its escape.

The unidentified Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper was called to wrangle the eight-foot-long alligator that was wandering around an Ocoee neighborhood. However, the routine catch-and-release proved to be too much for the man. He was taken down by an unexpected headbutt as the reptile tried to get away from his captors. The trapper had no serious injuries from the encounter.

The alligator seemed docile when the trapper and police officers prepared to take it away.

Jack Redding filmed the incident, which he declared "was pretty crazy." The video shows the trapper being helped by police officers heave the tied-up alligator into the back of a truck. However, the reptile thrashed and flipped its head back, catching the man square in the face. The trapper fell unconscious, forcing the police officers to try to hold the beast down. The animal retaliated by whipping its tail and slapping one officer smartly in the face....

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Woman Finally Meets Child Formed From Egg Cell She Donated Two Decades Ago

“It is a mind-bending story. The coincidences are so crazy,” the woman later said.

A woman has finally been reunited with the daughter she was never sure she had. After all, she only donated an egg cell in the past and was left clueless if it was ever used at all.

In order to partly support herself in college, Amy Throckmorton donated her egg cell back in the days. While she was not sure whether the said egg cell was used, she admitted that she always wondered whether someone would come knocking on her door and introduce himself or herself as her child. What Throckmorton did not know, however, was that her egg cell was not only used to give life to another human - the child born partly due to her egg cell had been bent on looking for her!

Elizabeth Gaba was finally led to the woman who makes up half of who she is, thanks to Amy Throckmorton’s photo showing her lounging by the pool.

Since Elizabeth Gaba turned 18, she had already been in active quest for the woman who accounts for half of who she is. Using the file given to her on her birthday (which contains the the photo of her biological mom lounging by the pool and other information), the college student and singer was eventually led to Throckmorton’s door....

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