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Jingshan, The Smallest Mountain In China Can Be Conquered With Just One Step





China has just revealed that a rock that is less than a meter high is not a rock at all. In fact, the country has considered it a mountain.

Shouguang in China’s Shandong Province is where you will find ‘Jingshan’, the smallest mountain in the country, or maybe in the whole world. It only measures 0.6 meters from ground to its peak point and you just need one single step for it to be conquered.

This rock is 4 feet long and just about 2 feet wide.

Jingshan may not be the most remarkable mountain in the globe, but at Shouguang district this mountain is their symbol and is also a well-known tourist destination.

But, it’s so small! How can it be a mountain?

A curator of Shouguang Museum narrates how the rock became a mountain.

“During the Republic of China era, some people challenged the claim that it was a mountain and insisted it was just a rock.

The authority arranged for people to dig around it.

They dug a long time but couldn’t reach the bottom.

Therefore it was classified as a mountain”

A second excavation was attempted in 1958 but they also could not reach the bottom part of it either.

Thus it was confirmed to be the smallest mountain in the country.

Just how deep is this rock embedded? We may never know because its protected status already makes it illegal to dig around.

Building any type of structure in close proximity to it is also banned because of any accidental damage that may occur. A number of photos of Jingshan, China’s tiny mountain went viral on Chinese social media, drawing attention to an amusing, hilarious and entertaining commentary.

One comment from a local man who said that:

“Legend has it that, hundreds of years ago, a woman urinated on the mountain causing it to stop growing.”

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