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Inspiring Filipina Domestic Helper Successfully Climbs Africa’s Highest Mountain

She loves to go hiking during her days off!


Liza Avelino has been a domestic worker in Hong Kong for over two decades. Not only is she inspirational for her sacrifices but also for her determination, active lifestyle, and advocacy work. Avelino, who made headlines years ago for her mountain climbing success, is again making noise after conquering Africa’s highest summit, Mount Kilimanjaro.

According to her, she planned for over a year before finally going to Tanzania for the climb. Instead of visiting malls or getting extra rest during her days off from work, Avelino prefers to go mountain climbing.

Two years ago, Avelino went on a 22-day hike up Island Peak, a 6,189-meter-high neighboring mountain to the 8,848-meter-high Mount Everest.

Source: Liza Avelino

She also reached the summit of the 3,180-meter Mount Yarigatake in Japan and the 4,095-meter Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. Avelino raised HK$10,000 for migrant domestic worker support organization Enrich in the past, proving she has a lot more to offer to the community. Her recent climb to Mount Kilimanjaro was in support of the nonprofit organization HELP for Domestic Workers.

Avelino organizes hikes, too, and she led other domestic workers in Hong Kong’s annual dragon boat festival this year.

Source: Liza Avelino

Avelino told GMA News in vernacular:

“I figured I have a job, I earn money, so it’s possible for me to achieve that dream. The local community, my employer, and my friends have been very supportive… I wanted to prove to myself that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve.”

Avelino added that those looking down on her profession pushed her to prove naysayers wrong.

Source: Liza Avelino

She did not let anyone look down on her and her job as a domestic worker. She wanted to pursue her dreams as well as inspire other domestic workers to achieve theirs. Whenever Avelino climbs, she does so in support of nonprofit organizations that aid domestic workers like her. She was quoted as saying:

“We can be the same as everyone else. We have jobs and can travel wherever we want, not just work at home.”

We’re definitely inspired by Avelino’s story. Are you? Let us know in the comments section!


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