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Jihadi Parents Kiss Daughters Goodbye Before Sending One To Suicide Bombing Mission

This is just so messed up!

Bad parenting just hit an all-time low with this new video that recently surfaced online. On the said footage, we see two jihadi parents kissing their daughters goodbye before allegedly sending one of them on a suicide bombing mission.

Needless to say, the video is pretty disturbing to watch.

The little girls, ages 7 and 9, get hugs from a woman who is allegedly their mother.

Source: YouTube
Later on, we see a man, believed to be their father, giving the girls a lecture on how to carry the suicide bombing attack.

Source: YouTube
A black and white flag can be seen in the background and the two children say “Allahu Akbar.”

Source: YouTube
You can watch the distressing video here:

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A few hours later, we learn that a police station in Damascus has been bombed.

Source: SANA/Reuters

Syrian journalists reported that one of the children was linked to the attack, with some saying that the girl walked into the police station, appearing to be lost. She then asked to use the bathroom and then was detonated from here.

Newspaper, Al-Watan, wrote:

“A seven-year-old girl entered the police station, carrying a belt that was detonated from afar.”

Three police officers were injured because of the attack.

Source: SANA/Reuters

So far, it remains uncertain which jihadist group is involved in the attack.


13 Hilarious Comics use Science to Accurately Depict the Frustrations of Parenting

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One day, a boy came home from school talking about Newton's First Law of Motion (sometimes called the law of inertia), which states that "an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force." The boy's mom, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, thought that the law practically applies to her son, too, especially when he's playing video games. A writer by heart and by trade, her wit was quick to turn her son's words into a phrase.

She thought, "Newton's First Law of Parenting: A child at rest will remain at rest ... until you need your iPad back."

She figured out that science also applies to parenting, and boy, was she so right. So, in a snap of her fingers, ideas came rushing in,and thus was "The Science of Parenthood" born! She ringed up Jessica Ziegler, her visual and graphics artist friend, and together they turned the project into something that is not only extremely entertaining but also undeniably relatable....

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15 of the Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets You Will Ever Read

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Twitter has provided us with thousands of entertaining tweets this past year. Among these hilarious tweets are those made by parents who showed us the funny side of parenting. From wifi passwords to invading one's personal space, these parents knew how to troll their kids. But some kids sure knew how to fire back!
Check out this compilation of some of the most entertaining parenting tweets on Twitter:

1. Don't mess with the one who holds the password.

2. On personal space.


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10 of Most Hilarious and Embarrassing Things Kids Have Said in Public

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Being a kid is awesome. Not having to pay bills and being allowed to play all day. It's really like heaven if you think about it. Aside from these things, there are more advantages to being a kid, but we think there's one that is the most hilarious.

Well, they can blurt out anything they want to say in public without any dire consequences and they get to embarrass their parents in the process. The best thing about it is that they get away with it! Plus, parents actually apologize for them so they don't have to do any apologizing.

We have compiled few of the most embarrassing stuff that kids have said in public. These moments when children opt to be brutally and completely honest may be plain nightmares for some parents, but we can't deny that these kids are just gold!...

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