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Jason Momoa Restores His Wife’s First Car, A 1965 Mustang, As A Birthday Gift

Lisa Bonet is one very lucky woman!





  • The car was a 1965 Ford Mustang which Lisa bought when she was 17.
  • The Mustang was sitting in the garage rusting away for 14 years.
  • Jason took it to a customs shop in Las Vegas and surprised his wife with the restored car on her birthday.

Jason Momoa is hot, rich, ridiculously talented, and has a lovely family. His wife, actress Lisa Bonet, must be one of the luckiest women alive. His gift for her recent birthday is just another overwhelming evidence of how blessed she is when it comes to her partner in life.

Apparently, Jason surprised Lisa for her 52nd birthday with a very sentimental gesture guaranteed to win any woman’s heart – he had her very first car restored, a 1965 Ford Mustang which she bought when she was 17.

The car got really beat up over the years, but Lisa couldn’t let go of it and just kept it with future plans to restore it.

Just like a lot of people who made plans to tend to something but eventually forgot about it, Lisa was not able to pay attention to the restoration. The Mustang was still sitting on the garage after 14 years.

So Jason took it upon himself to do the job for his wife. He secretly took the car to Divine 1 Customs, a builder in Las Vegas, Nevada, to transform the rusting vehicle and breathe new life into it.

The actor created a video of the restoration, which showed how the guys at Divine 1 Customs practically overhauled the car and tranformed it into a shining vintage beauty that is truly showroom worthy.

The car was taken apart piece by piece..
Given a new paint job…
Accessories and cleaned-up motor put in…
When Jason went back to the shop and saw the newly-restored Mustang, he couldn’t contain his delight.
From a rusty, light blue car that has definitely seen better days, it was dramatically transformed into a gleaming black beauty.

“This is a big dream come true because this was my wife’s first car,” he said.

“I’m excited to see her face. It’s come a long way.”

It was all definitely worth it when he brought Lisa outside to see the car.
“Holy cow,” she exclaimed. “THAT is gorgeous!”
Lisa checked out the car as the kids looked on, while husband was adoringly capturing the whole thing on video.
It was a lovely moment for the couple and their kids…
Then the whole family got into the vehicle and took it for a spin.
Here’s the video that Jason posted:

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And of course, hearts were bursting on social media, especially the manu women who couldn’t believe that a man like Jason Momoa still exists.

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