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Jason Momoa Gets Bodyshamed For Having A ‘Dad Bod’




  • Jason Momoa recently became the target of bodyshamers.
  • Several people criticized him for having a “dad bod” as seen in a vacation photo.
  • Fans immediately defended the Aquaman actor against his haters.

We know him as Khal Drogo and as Aquaman. And while it’s hard to imagine hunky actor Jason Momoa being bodyshamed, that’s exactly what happened recently.

Yes most of us think he is extremely good looking and has a perfect physique. However, the trolls totally disagree with that and they’ve went as far as making fun of his figure after a shirtless photo of him went viral online.

Haters are saying Jason Momoa’s abs are “gone” in this Instagram photo.

Posted on the official Instagram account of US Weekly, random strangers have been commenting on the image taken while Momoa was on a Venice, Italy vacation with Lisa Bonet, his wife, and their children.

Some people have been pointing out that it looks like the celebrity has “gained weight” and now has a “dad bod” instead of abs.

A netizen even asked:

“Y’all forgot to Photoshop some abs on him or what?”

Fortunately, fans were quick to defend the actor from the online bullies.

For example, one fan tweeted that those implying that the Game of Thrones star has a dad nod clearly “don’t know what a dad bod is”.

Someone also wrote that Momoa still has a “better body” than most of those criticizing his figure.

So yeah, the sad reality here, of course, is that no one is really safe from bodyshamers these days – not even a Hollywood hottie like Jason Momoa!

Meanwhile, reports are telling us that the actor will soon begin filming the sequel to 2018’s successful Aquaman. The DC movie is scheduled to hit theaters on December 2022 and will again be helmed by director James Wan.

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