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Humanity Is A ‘Disease,’ Says Jason Momoa During UN Climate Speech

His remarks has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens.

  • Hollywood actor and ocean activist Jason Momoa was invited to give a speech in front of world leaders during the United Nations’ Small Islands Event.
  • In his message, Momoa said humanity is “a disease” and the remark has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens across the world.

We all know him as Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo and as DC’s movie Aquaman but popular Hollywood star Jason Momoa recently made headlines after giving a powerful speech during the United Nations’ Small Islands Event. In the said gathering, he spoke about the impacts of climate change and how we are currently failing to address the problem.

And while he did specifically mention that world leaders are partly to blame for not taking swift action, he likewise commented that humanity itself is the bigger problem saying we are “a disease that is infecting our planet.”

“Our ego, our fear, and our relentless drive for profits have made us the only species willing to force disharmony with the natural balance of our world,” said the actor.

Momoa, who was born in Hawaii but grew up in Iowa, said that his personal experiences in “two worlds” have helped him gain a clearer vision of how “a problem of one will soon become a problem for all” especially as he witnessed environmental decline in both places.

He further pointed out that the garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean is now bigger than the size of France.

You can watch the entire speech here:

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In an Instagram post, Momoa later described the experience as a “life changing moment” and said it was indeed “a true honor to represent island nations” at the United Nations event.

Meanwhile, the speech gained both positive and negative reactions from netizens.

One fan praised him by writing:

“Thank you Jason Momoa for standing up for the environment.”

Another said:

“Aquaman is warning us, humans. We need to listen!”

There were also some rude remarks, with one person commenting:

“Aquaman doesn’t exist and neither does this man’s intelligence.”

Others also said calling humanity a disease may be “a bit too much” and that they couldn’t understand how the actor suddenly “became a scientist.”


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