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Weak Elderly Woman was Moved to Tears When Her Nurse Does This To Her.





Many of us do our jobs just for the sake of working and getting paid at the end of the day. But there are some who cares about the convenience and comfort of their clients, and even go an extra mile just to provide their needs and make them feel better. One of them is Jared Axen, one of a kind nurse in Valencia Hospital in California who does more than just distributing medications to his patients, he also sings for them.

Jared recently became a viral internet sensation. The way he takes care of his patients has won the hearts of millions. He doesn’t only administer medications, turn on the TV, and leave the room. Jared adds a personal level service that is downright amazing. He loves to hold the patient’s hand while singing a beautiful song to them. Being the excellent singer that he is, his patients routinely cry tears of joy as he sings to them.

In this heartwarming video, you would see Jared doing his usual rounds in the hospital. And, the most touching part is when he sang for an elderly woman named Norma Lakoske who was moved to tears after hearing his song.

Watch the moving video:

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Jared feels that his singing has also improved the health of his patients. After his singing, patients ask for less mood stabilizers and medication throughout the day.

This is one of the many things that we missed to do when we are so engrossed fulfilling our responsibilities at work, but it’s never too late. You can start singing today, I mean, share your skills or whatever talent you have to make people happy at work, in school or in your community.

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