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Japanese Artist Creates Astounding Art Pieces Out Of Thousands Of Carefully Placed Coins

Donna Marie Padua





The Japanese have been known for their weird but smart creations. From technological inventions to mathematical solutions, the people from the Land of the Rising Sun have certainly stunned others from around the world. However, their culture and art don’t fall short of appreciation and one Japanese is currently capturing the awe of many with his unique art pieces.

Meet this amateur Japanese artist who happened to create marvelous art pieces out of thousands of carefully placed coins. Discovered on Twitter, the user @thumb_tani has been getting massive attention from his delighted fans for his array of physics-defying coin structures. This artist have been posting photos of his creations which he said started from a hobby he discovered by mistake.

A Japanese artist dares to defy gravity with his amazing coin structures.

Tanu displays extra-ordinary balancing skills in every art piece he creates.

Most of his artworks seem impossible to create, making many netizens wonder how he puts them up.

Tanu or thumb_tani on Twitter has displayed an impressive skill of stacking coins. Balancing the coins on top of the curved bottom of a spoon as base, designing elaborate small spheres, putting up columns made from intertwining rows of coins are just some of the jaw-dropping pieces of his collection. With the jaw-dropping coin balancing structures he builds, people who see his work believe there is no limit to what he can do.

However, there are also those who doubt Tanu’s talents. For example, some are suspicious about it and assume that he must be using glue to keep the stack of coins together. So to prove his authenticity and shut down his critics, Tanu posted a video.

Tanu’s passion in creating coin structures started as mere hobby until people started praising his works.

Tanu’s art has since started to take over Twitter.

Many people though could not believe in what they see and start questioning the structures’ authenticity.

As a result, some people conclude that Tanu uses tricks in his art pieces.

As noted by CGTN, the Japanese artist says he uses extreme concentration as well as self-control in stacking those hundreds to thousands of coin pieces. He sees to it that his hands are stable and firm in placing the coins together as a simple shake of his fingers can send the structures tumbling down.

The works of Tanu is indeed starting to become pretty popular among Twitter users. With the thousands and thousands of followers waiting to see his next design, Tanu plans to continue coming up with awe-worthy art pieces that he’ll share on his social media account.

Some people would accuse Tanu using glue in creating his coin structures.

While some others think the images Tanu shares are merely Photoshopped.

Tanu has however debunked the rumors and shared a video of him doing a coin structure.

Source: @thumb_tani
Tanu shares the secret to his art being extreme concentration and self-control.

Today, Tanu tries to do more complicated structures than those he already created.

Watch Tanu’s demonstration video here:

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