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17 Photos Showing The Beauty Of Childbirth

Salute to all moms!

Giving birth is an incredibly beautiful experience that can make a mother feel a multitude of emotions. There’s nothing like that intense feeling you get the first time you laid your eyes on your newborn child, whom you carried for several months. For that reason, mothers are easily praised for their physical and emotional strength.

Childbirth may be one of the most natural acts of a human being but some people don’t really appreciate the powerful experience behind it. Indeed, giving birth should be a private moment yet it is also something that should be celebrated. Whether a woman welcomes a baby via natural vaginal birth at home or in the hospital or via a C-section, it should be noted that the act is a miraculous event. And photographer-slash-mom Leilani Rogers just have the stunning photos to prove that childbirth — in all its forms — is amazing.

#1. En Caul, giving birth to a baby who's still inside the amniotic sac.

Rogers put together a compilation of beautiful birth photos to “normalize” the moment, since it apparently is considered somewhat taboo. She told Huffington Post:

“I sincerely hope that these photos normalize birth — show that is isn’t ‘gross.’ There are people in this world who won’t even subject themselves to discussing birth, let alone viewing images of it. But I don’t see how anyone can deny that these images portray birth as the miraculous occasion that it can be.”

#2. Daughter giving mommy some support during birth.

This seven-year-old was intent on being part of her mother’s water birth so she hopped into the pool with her to witness it.

#3. via C-Section

“I find those moments of delivery to be every bit as beautiful and fascinating as a vaginal birth.”

#4. Polydactyl baby.

A baby born with six fingers is a rare occurrence that the photographer was able to capture.

#5. Water birth

It’s evident on the mother’s face how her heart was filled with joy that day.

#6. Mother delivers her baby via water birth.

“Mother meets her baby for the first time. The joy, relief and exhaustion is just so palpable.”

#7. Umbilical cord

Rogers captures a photo of the baby still attached to the umbilical cord.

#8. Newborn baby

Seeing your child for the first time and holding him or her close is pure bliss.

#9. The birth position

Women can give birth in different positions, FYI. And that’s why women rock!

#10. Herbal baths.

“Herbal baths are my absolute favorite to capture. Not many mothers know about them. Herbal baths are done anywhere from a few hours postpartum to a day or two later, and aid in healing the perineum. They also smell divine (herbs like chamomile and lavender are used) and promote bonding between mother and baby.”

#11. Normal vaginal birth at the hospital

The mom is seen reaching out for her newborn, seemingly eager to hold the baby in her arms for the very first time.

Here’s how a normal vaginal birth looks like up-close.

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#12. Birth in the bathtub.

Mom knew it’s time so she just did it in the bathtub.

#13. Two moms supporting each other.

“This two-mama family’s birth was so beautiful. It was so fortunate that this mother’s partner is an experienced doula, because she was in labor for 35 hours!”

#14. A moment of peace.

If you see the baby’s hand, you’ll know it’s truly amazing.

#15. Father by the bedside.

Dads very rarely get the spotlight during childbirth, but this one happens to capture the hearts of everyone.

#16. How the placenta looks like

Rogers photographs the placenta as most moms don’t have any idea what it looks like.

#17. The first latch.

Breastfeeding is a natural act, just like childbirth and this photo managed to capture baby’s first ever latch.

These remarkable photos should be a reminder that motherhood is a tough journey and for that, moms deserve the praise and respect they get.


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