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Inspiring Amputee Hikes Across 14 States, Defies Impossible Odds

If Niki Rellon with her one leg, is transforming the world, imagine what you can do with a complete set of body parts?

Margaret Tionquiao





Being an amputee is perhaps the hardest thing that could happen to anybody. Accepting the change in lifestyle
But this did not stop extreme athlete Niki Rellon – a woman who lost her left leg in 2013, after falling 45 feet off the side of a Utah canyon in 2013.

Niki used to be an extreme athlete with a complete set of body parts and an attitude to match.


Narratives revealed that she has had several accidents which did not stop her from taking more extreme thrill-seeking adventures until 2013. Maybe it was experience, or perhaps arrogance, that led her to forgo standard harness double-checking in that trip to Montezuma Canyon.

In the beginning, there was nothing wrong. If anything, the trip seemed to be going well until she rappelled down the 250-feet canyon.

About 45 feet before hitting the bottom, the harness snapped, and Niki hit the ground which cost her a leg and several broken bones.


Against the advice of friends, family, and medical experts, she decided to take on an even greater challenge and speed up her recovery. She bounced back and just 14 months after her accident, she became the first woman with a prosthetic leg to hike one of the world’s most iconic footpath – the Appalachian Trail (better known as the AT).

Having survived a fatal fall is amazing, but Niki, despite being an amputee is even more incredible.


A five- to seven-month hike, the AT is one of the world’s longest footpath. An AT hike-thru is an incredible feat, even more so for an amputee.

Her accident in 2013 could have been the end of the line for her, but she pushed on and reminded everyone that there is more to live for.


Now, she published a memoir of her journey to recovery entitled, Push On: My Walk to Recovery on the Appalachian Trail.

She also runs a fundraiser to support her newest challenge – to become the first woman with prosthetic leg to bike across the US!


How about you? Do you have an inspiring story to tell?

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Pilot Flies Her Mother on Her Final Day of Work To Make Her Dream Come True

“As she retires after her glorious 38 years of service, I will be carrying on her legacy.”

Mark Andrew



It’s a feel good story that definitely touched a lot of hearts. Initially shared on Twitter, we learn about a female pilot who did her best to make her mother feel special on her last day at work.

Ashrrita, a pilot for Air India, shared a photo of her mother’s final day of work and the post has since gone viral, gaining attention from numerous netizens and news sources.

“So happy and honoured to be able to pilot the one flight that mattered,” wrote Ashrrita.

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Homeless Guy Finally Gets Job After Cop Helped Him Shave For Interview

A little kindness can go a long way indeed!

Mark Andrew



It’s always heartwarming when we see cops going the extra mile and doing good deeds for people. Case in point, police officer Tony Carlson of the Tallahassee Police Department recently achieved viral fame on social media after he helped Phil, a homeless man.

As we learn from the reports, Phil had an upcoming job interview and Carlson made sure he was ready for it by giving him a nice shave. According to Phil, someone from McDonald’s said they’ll hire him if he can appear on the store clean shaven on Monday.

Police officer Tony Carlson found Phil, struggling with his attempts to shave at a gas station.

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Paralyzed Woman Defies Odds By Becoming Celebrated Artist In China

Nobelle Borines



A 40-year-old woman is proving the veracity of the human spirit. Zhang Junli has been paralyzed for over 32 years due to a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. She lost control of 90 percent of her body's joint function at the age of eight. However, Zhang still managed to become one of China's most celebrated artists.

Zhang was born in Shanxi in northern China and was initially an active little girl. However, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was only six years old. After two short years, Zhang was confined to her bed unable to use most of her body. Interestingly, being paralyzed never stopped her from trying to achieve her dreams.

Creating gorgeous paintings can be hard work for the bedridden Zhang but she never lets the difficulty stop her.

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