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To Induce Labor, Pregnant Mom Dances to “Thriller”





When a pregnant mom reaches her due date, she experiences an irresistible urge and excitement to pop the baby she has been carrying for 9 months.

This is what the 40-weeks pregnant Bonnie Northsea  felt when attempted to induce labor in a very strange way.

Dancing to the tune of “Thriller”, the mother from Florida gave a whole new take to the iconic song of the late King of Pop.

In her interview with Yahoo Parenting, she revealed that she just took a look at an instructional dance video on YouTube, learned the dance, and recorded it. Not bad for a 32-year-old mom who hasn’t danced for the last five years.

Initially, Northsea thought of posting it on her Facebook account to entertain her friends. Despite her very big belly, the pregnant momma showed awesome moves that got the attention of more than 700,000 YouTube users and almost 1.5 million Facebook users.

Additionally, Northsea said the positive reaction the video is getting has helped her overcome some difficulties she is now facing in her life. Her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer just last month. Certainly, getting thousands of likes for the video has been helpful for Northsea.

We’re not sure if Northsea has already given birth as of writing. In case there’s still a bun in the oven, we hope she’ll keep on doing her awesome stunt.

Watch the awesome video.

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Source: Yahoo Parenting

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