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Indian Grandmother Gives 2-Week-Old Baby ‘Laundry Style’ Bath

A video of an Indian grandmother is shown washing a baby like she’s washing jeans and it’s absolutely fascinating.

When it comes to handling babies, there are so many sources telling people how it’s done. However, we must not forget that there are little-known practices that are as effective as mainstream ones. A video of an Indian grandmother giving bathing a two-week old baby proves this.

The video — which has been shared on YouTube and various Facebook pages — shows the Indian grandmother sitting on a what looks like a very low bench. She is outside what we presume to be her family’s home. The outdoor area is some sort of a washing area.

Reserve your judgment after you watch the video.

The Indian grandmother has her legs stretched in front of her while the baby is lying on her legs. We can see that the baby is, indeed, still very tiny.

Watch the mesmerizing video to see exactly how she gives the baby a bath. It’s absolutely fascinating — although some have said they can’t stand to watch it.

Well just see for yourself!

The bath lasts almost 7 minutes.

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Most of the commenters who expressed that they were disturbed by video seem to be non-Indians. We can understand that the Indian grandmother’s style of bathing the baby unsettles them. In fact, many commenters called her names. They accused her of being mean.

However, there were commenters who declared they were Indian. They were the ones who explained that it was a traditional baby bathing style in their country.

The baby looks fine, right?

Indeed, the debate over this video just goes to show that people tend to judge cultural practices that are different from their own. It’s funny how there are those who insist that only the “Western style” should be followed because babies are delicate.

Yes, babies are delicate. But if Indians have been bathing their babies this way for some time, then, perhaps, it’s also alright. As long as the baby isn’t harmed, then we should let them keep practicing their “laundry style” baby bathing technique. Otherwise, we have no right to jump into conclusions.


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