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Indian Children Die After Eating Lychees on an Empty Stomach

A sudden mystery illness brought about by eating lychees has been killing more than 100 children a year for over two decades!

The region of Muzaffarpur, Bihar is known as India’s main lychee-producing region, and so it won’t come as a surprise that children would eat the fruit that had fallen from the ground. However, it’s been observed that many poor children suffered seizures and lost consciousness after eating the fruits.

Lychees contain a substance that inhibits the body’s ability to produce glucose. And since many of the children who consumed the lychees already had low blood sugar levels, they experienced a massive drop in their sugar levels. After eating the lychees, some children would wake up screaming, suffering convulsions, and losing consciousness, as well as swelling of the brain.

Children are known to consume lychees that have fallen to the ground and this caused many of them to die.

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The researchers who examined the sick children found a link between this outbreak that caused brain swelling, and convulsions in children in the Caribbean. The outbreak was caused by the ackee fruit which contains hypoglycin,the toxin responsible for inhibiting the body’s ability to produce glucose – and it’s also found in lychees.

Both lychees and ackee fruit contain hypoglycin which prevents the body from producing glucose.

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Because of this link, researchers were able to suggest treatments for children who were brought to the hospital due to convulsions and loss of consciousness. They instructed the medical professionals to treat the children for hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

As for the parents, they were warned about allowing children to eat lychees on an empty stomach. They were instructed to ensure the children had a meal before they can consume the said fruit.

Since then, the number of reported cases of the sickness has fallen from hundreds every year to about 50.


Baby Starves To Death Over 5 Days After Parents Died of Drug Overdose

Before her death, Chelsea Cardaro, the baby’s mother, even shared a final post on Facebook.

It is always disturbing to hear about babies passing away and this has to be one of the most “heart-wrenching” stories, as described by a coroner. According to reports, 5-month-old Summer Chambers died because of starvation after her parents died of drug overdose.

The baby died in her bassinet in their home in Kernville, Pennsylvania. Authorities estimate that she passed away about four or five days after her parents, Jason Chambers and Chelsea Cardaro, also died.

Before her death, 19-year-old Chelsea even had the chance to make a Facebook post.

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Woman Baffled to Find an Eggplant Lying on the Public Restroom Floor

Of all the things you can find in the restroom…

You never know what to expect when using the public restroom. Sure, there’s the usual evidence of bodily functions – the smells lingering in the air, physical traces found in sinks, urinals, and toilet bowls. But there are times that you will find something totally out of place, you know, things that do not belong in a public restroom… or so you think.

This woman from the Philippines found a suspicious looking EGGPLANT lying in plain sight on the public restroom floor and her reaction is what you would expect. Naturally, she took pictures of her unsettling discover.

Imagine the puzzled look on the woman's face when she saw this on the floor.

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Flashlight Test in a 150-Year-Old Abandoned Mine Suddenly Turned to Horror

We do not encourage exploring dangerous mines.


Exploring labyrinths of hundred-year-old abandoned mine shafts and tunnels may not be the safest type of hobby there is. The constant threat of being crushed by boulders, of undetonated explosives suddenly exploding, and of eerie ghost encounters are enough to scare anyone who would wish to delve on Earth's subsurface.

However, the people behind the YouTube channel called Exploring Abandoned Mines seem to be unaffected by any of these freaky possibilities. In one of the videos posted on their channel, a man named Frank went live-testing a high-quality flashlight while he was exploring the Waldeck Gold Mine, a 150-year-old deserted mine shaft in Western Australia.

Frank explored a 150-year-old mine to test his flash light.

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