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This Japanese Girl Is Dubbed As The Hottest Taxi Driver In The World

With her as the driver, I definitely wouldn’t mind getting stuck in traffic.


Getting stuck in traffic is never a fun thing. In fact I hate it very much. It sucks how I sometimes leave home early just to make it to my appointments but bad traffic almost always never fails to make me late.

But I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t actually mind getting stuck in a gridlock if my taxi driver is as beautiful as this girl.

Netizens are currently calling Ikuta Kana, 24, as the “hottest taxi driver.”

ikuta kana taxi driver model 4

24-year-old Ikuta Kana of Japan recently made a lot of online buzz when people heard about her story. This gorgeous girl who works as a part-time model also earns her living by driving a cab.

Kana makes a living by driving a cab. She also works as a model.

ikuta kana taxi driver model 1

Now many are dubbing her as the hottest taxi driver in Japan – or possibly, the world.

Ikuta started as a gravure model. She also appears regularly in Nino San TV program.

ikuta kana taxi driver model 2

Several reports tell us that the Nagano native took driving as a second job due to the unstable nature of working as a model. She started out posing for gravure magazines in Japan and immediately gained a lot of fans. Her popularity eventually led her to a gig in Nino San, a weekly TV program.

She also became part of Mina Mates, a group of models for Mina Magazine.

ikuta kana taxi driver model 3

After two years, she became part of Mina Mates, a group of models for Mina magazine. She also did modeling for Voce, ELO, and other salon brands.

After graduating, she acquired a professional driver’s license to supplement her earnings.

ikuta kana taxi driver model 5

When she graduated from the university, she got her professional driver’s license and listed herself up for the Asuka Traffic Dream Project. She’s been a taxi driver for a year and a half now. She can often be spotted driving along the routes of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro.

Watch the video here:

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Ikuta has been driving a taxi for a year and a half now along the routes of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro.

ikuta kana taxi driver model 6

With her beauty and all the online love she’s been getting, I doubt she will still have to drive taxis in the near future. I bet she’ll probably get bigger modeling or TV gigs pretty soon.


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