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This Dancing Traffic Cop From The Philippines Has Got Some Sick ‘Michael Jackson’ Moves

The guy obviously loves his job!


Everybody hates a traffic jam.

Just imagine the tragedy of waking up late one day and so you have to rush to work. Then again, you find yourself stuck in a horrific traffic that doesn’t seem to end.

I’m sure you’ll get really pissed! Now imagine how you’d feel if the cop directing the traffic happens to be dancing while doing his job. Sounds unthinkable, you say? Well apparently, dancing traffic cops do exist. At least in the Philippines, that is.

The video below shows a traffic police who is, quite obviously, having a lot of fun while performing his duties. Hit the play button and you’ll see him dance to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” without causing any accidents on a busy street.

Watch the video here:

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We can’t blame the man. Being a traffic police often means you’d have to work alone under the heat of the sun. Things can get pretty lonely and tedious.

Thanks to this guy’s creativity though, he managed to make things less boring for himself and even for pedestrians and motorists. He’s got some sick moves and everyone’s clearly entertained!

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