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Husband Witnesses His Wife Giving Birth to Their Baby From 2,500 Miles Away.





Families should always come as a priority. Events such as the delivery of a new child is a milestone that should never missed. However, there are inevitable circumstances that require family members to be apart for bigger reasons. This is the case of Jason Larke, a father who has to be 2,500 miles away from his pregnant wife, Jace due to a work commitment.

When Jace was about to give birth to their third child, the couple used an advanced virtual reality technology by leading electronics brand, Samsung. Because of this, Jason was able to witness the entire delivery process. He was also able to hear every little and big thing being said inside the room – from the doctors’ medical instructions to the baby’s first cry. It was a perfect moment.

Although nothing can replace the physical presence, using advanced technology can somehow ease the burden of being away from family. It is a very helpful tool in making sure that families and friends do not miss the most important life events of their loved ones.

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