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Villagers Save Pregnant Cow From A Hungry Giant Anaconda

These humans just showed this giant anaconda that it shouldn’t mess with their pregnant livestock.

Infuriated humans unleashed revenge on a giant anaconda that was trying to feed on a pregnant cow at a muddy swamp. While the predator was trying to squeeze the life out of its prey, these humans tried to play superheroes to scare the anaconda away.

A hungry 13-foot anaconda found a perfect prey on a pregnant cow having its good day time bath at a swamp in Venezuela. Having gotten the chance, the giant snake quickly wrapped its body onto the cow and started squeezing it to death.

This giant anaconda probably thought it found its best meal for the day.

Source: youtube

Around nine people though intervened the food chain and decided to fight the anaconda to save the pitiful pregnant cow. The bout was recorded in a video and was posted on Youtube last year, gaining over 11 million views. Some commenters were worried that the snake will come back after the humans and other expletive ladened comments expressed empathy to the snake that was only trying to “satisfy its hunger.”

Apparently, it chose the wrong prey.

Source: youtube

In the video, the anaconda lassoed on a cow was dragged out of the water. It appears that the people who tried to protect the cow attacked the enormous predator with a stick.

As seen on the footage, the anaconda tried to cling onto its meal for an hour before it finally gave up and released it.

This snake was trying to kill a pregnant cow, but people were on the way to save the poor animal.

Source: youtube

After letting go of the large mammal, the snake then tried to crawl out to the grasses, but the humans wouldn’t let it escape that easily. One can be seen trying to press down the head of the anaconda with a thick stick, while the others were trying to pull the snake from its tail. The anaconda tried to fight off its attackers but the humans were not easily cowed by the huge snake that can swipe them off, and they actually ended up dominating over it.

At the end, the anaconda lost its meal and probably its life too.

Source: youtube

Towards the end of the video, the cow’s saviors can be seen carrying the snake, seemingly taking it somewhere. However, it was no longer mentioned in the footage whether the group of men and women killed the giant anaconda or they dumped it somewhere far from their area.

Watch the thrilling video of these humans trying to save the day from a giant anaconda.

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Wealthy Brits Install Spikes On Trees To Stop Birds From Pooping On Their Luxury Cars

To some people, material things are just more important than the life of innocent animals.

Some trees in an elite neighborhood in Bristol, England were installed with “anti-bird” spikes by wealthy residents to protect their pricey cars from bird droppings. This has, however, enraged other residents and environmentalists as these well-off people are denying birds of their habitat.

Spikes used to prevent birds from nesting on building ledges over public sidewalks in Bristol were reportedly installed on two trees planted in an exclusive Clifton area of the city. The area is also situated near the wildlife-rich regions, Downs and the Avon gorge, making locals and environmentalists enraged. In fact, one Twitter user condemned the spike installation, and calling it a “war on wildlife.” Furthermore, a local Green Party councilor described the trees “uninhabitable to birds.”

People were guessing what these spikes are for. Apparently, they were nailed there to shoo away birds from nesting on the trees.

Source: twitter

Although this has sparked indignation, the Bristol City council spokesperson said they don’t have the power to stop the residents from nailing spikes on trees. This follows the fact that the trees in question were planted on their private properties and were already installed for years now....

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Photographer Shares Heartbreaking Photos of Animals in Danger of Extinction

Unfortunately, these fascinating creatures are struggling to survive.

Some of us may think endangered animals are already a thing of the past. This is definitely not the case, according to experts, as many creatures are still in danger of extinction to this very day.

Take it from British photographer Tim Flach who spent two years of his life taking pictures of animals that may soon be endangered. Aptly-entitled “Endangered”, his project shows us the beauty and sadness of seeing animals in their natural habitats.

The photos have since received a lot of attention online and it has even been featured by several websites, including Bored Panda. As the website tells us, Endangered is comprised of everything “from species we’re all familiar with (polar bear, snow leopard, cheetah) to exotic beasts we’d only imagine in fantasy films (saiga, Philippine Eagle, olm, salamander).”

Needless to say, Flach’s images definitely shed some “light on the unique challenges each animal faces in order to survive.” The sad reality is that many of these amazing creatures are in constant danger of hunting, poaching, and being sold in the black market. ...

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Worried, Protective Dog Gets Accidentally Blown Up In The Face By A Firecracker

That could also be a child.

New Year's Eve is just a day away and most people usually welcome the New Year by lighting up firecrackers. It's already given that people should be extra cautious when dealing with firecrackers, especially if there are children and pets around. Otherwise, the situation could go bad, just like how it went for this poor dog.

A dog got accidentally blown up by firecracker after a man lit one up in their own backyard. The tragic and horrific scene was all caught on camera.

This man started to light a firecracker.

With this worried dog lurking from behind.


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