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Biker Spotted With Cow As Passenger In Pakistan

“That’s a true cowboy!”


A bizarre video of a man with an unusual passenger has been making its rounds on the internet. The said video that is believed to be shot in rural Pakistan, shows the man speeding along the road with what looks like a bundle of blankets.

As a person filming pulls up alongside the motorbike, the bundle of blankets turns out to be a well wrapped up cow – and not a small one either. Another rider couldn’t help but smile as he films the grinning driver while the big bovine was just simply enjoying the ride.

The large cow appears to be as cool as a breeze as it takes everything in while the man rides along. The clip was filmed by someone from a car passing by.

This sight would certainly turn heads as the last thing you would expect to see sitting on someone’s lap while riding a bike is an animal, especially a cow. However, many pointed out that riding bikes with small or large pets is nothing new in Pakistan.

As expected, the video gained attention on social media. While most netizens laughed at the bizarre incident, some were left baffled and asked how the man managed to fit in the animal and balance the motorcycle at the same time.

Some of the comments read:

“That’s a true cowboy!”

“Welcome to Pakistan! Bring your cows, pigs, donkeys, and monkeys with you for an amazing bike ride!”

Although riding with one’s pet is not new in Pakistan, it is certainly the first time someone was captured on tape zooming past the motorway on a bike with a bovine as the co-rider. While this view might not be an unusual sight for the country, it is definitely odd and downright funny for the rest of the world.

Watch the video here:

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