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Derpy Snake Looks Like It Has Googly Eyes And Was Drawn By A Child

“It’s like God let a six year old with a crayon design a snake!”

  • A harmless species of snake is taking the internet by storm for a strange reason.
  • The Arabian Sand Boa looks like a toy snake with googly eyes stuck to the top of its head.
  • Most people couldn’t get enough of how it appears to have been drawn by a child trying to illustrate a snake from memory.

It’s understandable why most people are terrified of snakes. After all, the legless reptile comes in all shapes and sizes, and most are predators. However, there is an interesting species of snake that might be considered derpy. These serpents actually look like they were drawn by a small child.

The Arabian Sand Boa (Eryx jayakari) is a harmless species of boa that live in the Arabian Peninsula. It is also known as Jayakar’s sand boa and lives most of its life buried in the sand. All that time in the desert may have caused the sand boa to evolve to have both of its eyes slightly above its skull.

Meet the Arabian Sand Boa, the derpiest-looking snake in the world.

The Arabian Sand Boa gets its scientific name and common name from the Indian surgeon and naturalist Atmaran S. G. Jayakar. It is a relatively small snake with a total length of 15 inches. The Jayakar’s sand boa has a blunt snout and is either yellowish-grey or sandy brown. It also has dark speckles all over its body.

Interestingly, the Arabian Sand Boa is not endangered although it should be easy prey for other predators.

This has led to jokes that the snake’s appearance causes its possible predators to laugh when they see it, giving the boa enough time to escape.

It might not be a fearsome predator but people can rest assured that the Arabian Sand Boa is proof that evolution has a sense of humor.


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