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20 Ways To Protect Your Christmas Trees from Your Pets’ Destructive Tendencies





Most pets are playful by nature. Unfortunately, such playfulness takes a negative turn during the holiday season when they decide that Christmas decors are their toys, too. And the most common victim of our pets’ destructive tendencies? The poor Christmas tree.

It takes us creativity, imagination, effort, and of course, moolah, to put up a beautiful Christmas tree. But, it takes mere seconds for our pets to bring those trees down, not to mention the gifts underneath that get ripped apart.

So to avoid such pet-related Christmas tree accidents and make those trees pet-proof, we have a few suggestions that you might want to try. Though some are outright hilarious, some might be pretty effective in fending off those naughty paws.

1. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

2. A dog-proof and baby-proof design

3. Nothing beats good ol’ vacuum cleaners

4. Plastic bag decoys for cats

5. Maybe cats will change their minds if they see a cat altar

6. “I can’t believe you did this to me!”

7. This is a safer alternative

8. Corporal outfit punishment for each attempt at climbing the tree

9. Anti-gravity Christmas tree. What wizardry is this?

10. Looks like she’s got a plan

11. “A cat proof and environmentally conscious ‘Christmas tree.’ Turn a tomato cage upside down, add a blanket, and laugh at the situation.”

12. How to piss off your cat.

13. Lock up the Christmas tree

14. Because decorating the walls is easier

15. A paper tree with a scientifically accurate image of a star

16. A Christmas tree stuck in a portal that hopefully this sly-looking fox won’t reach

17. Literally posting on the wall

18. “Mum, why?”

Source: jjwoww30
19. Another act that looks pissed

20. Just skip the tree and go for the lights!

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