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50 Things You Should Throw Away For Quick Decluttering

Want to live in a clean, organized house? Start eliminating these 50 things!


Let’s face it! Despite the fact that we all want to live in clean, organized homes, we all have the tendency to cling on to unnecessary clutter. You know, those little (and big) items we’ve accumulated throughout the years that we just can’t let go for certain reasons.

This is a real dilemma for many but if you really want to keep your living space tidy, then you gotta learn to deal with it. The idea may even sound overwhelming but in proper perspective, decluttering isn’t really as complicated as it seems.

Well here’s a simplified guide for instant decluttering!

KidsActivities recently posted a practical guide that makes decluttering quick and easy. In their post, they shared a list of 50 things you can throw away (or, of course, sell, donate or recycle) to make your home a little bit more clutter-free.

Check out their suggestions below:

Living Room

Source: houzz
  1. Old magazines
  2. Old couch pillows
  3. Movies you don’t watch
  4. Movies that are scratched/don’t work
  5. Burnt out candles
  6. Extra cords
  7. Games with missing pieces
  8. Old books

Source: HGTV
  1. Broken makeup
  2. Old makeup
  3. Old nail polish
  4. Old perfume
  5. Old toothbrushes
  6. Half empty bottles
  7. Towels with holes
  8. Anything you haven’t used in the last 3 months

Source: RealEstate
  1. Socks without a match
  2. Socks with holes
  3. Underwear with holes
  4. Clothes you haven’t worn in at least 6 months
  5. Clothes that don’t fit
  6. Earrings without a match
  7. Old ties
  8. Old belts
  9. Old purses
  10. Old hats and gloves
  11. Worn out shoes
  12. Worn out blankets
  13. Old pillows

  1. Expired food
  2. Take out menus
  3. Restaurant sauce packets
  4. Old coupons
  5. Old cleaning supplies
  6. Cups with missing pieces
  7. Anything you have too many of
  8. Excess tupperware
  9. Rags with holes
  10. Expired medication
  11. Old mail
  12. Old manuals
  13. Old receipts
  14. Old paperwork
  15. Birthday cards
Kid Stuff

Source: HGTV
  1. Broken toys
  2. Happy meal toys
  3. Anything with missing pieces
  4. Things they never play with
  5. Duplicates
  6. Puzzles with missing pieces

To learn more about the art of decluttering, go check out The Declutter Workbook.

Home & DIY

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