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Woman Trapped Upside Down In Window For Trying To Retrieve Own Poo During Tinder Date

A woman was trapped in her Tinder date’s bathroom window when she tried to retrieve her own poo.


First Tinder dates are supposed to be romantic and really memorable – in a good way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come true for everyone. Some end up with a disastrous night like how this guy’s date tale went really messy.

Liam Smyth met up with his Tinder match for the first time. The couple decided to go for a Nando’s spicy meal before they head to Liam’s place for a nightcap. The spicy food though seemed to have upset the woman’s stomach that she had to go to the bathroom as she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

An amateur gymnast got trapped in a window in an attempt to pick own poo during a Tinder date toilet accident.

The worse thing happened though when the lady’s poo blocked the toilet. In embarrassment, she handled things on her own and picked her poo to throw it outside the window. However, Liam’s window opens not to the garden but to just another glass with only a narrow space between the panes. To sum it up, the poo got stuck in between!

Thinking she could dispose her poo outside, the woman collected her stool from the clogged toilet and threw it through the window.

Unfortunately, Liam’s bathroom window doesn’t really open.

The panicked woman then had no choice but to tell Liam about the stinky incident. She offered to pull out the poo as she said she used to be a gymnast and could fit right through the space. Unfortunately, her calculations are wrong and got trapped upside down between the glasses with her head only a few inches from her poo.

The rescuers couldn’t pull out the woman so they decided to smash the walls to free her.

Liam then called for fire crews to help his date out. The team was however forced to smash the wall to take the girl out.

Afraid that he will be kicked out from his unit, Liam asked for funds online to get his window fixed.

With his bathroom wall now damaged, Liam was worried his landlord will get annoyed, so he decided to ask some help online through a GoFundMe page he set up. According to Ozzyman, Liam placed photos of the bizarre incident online which easily caught the netizens’ attention. Liam was then able to raise almost $400 in just three hours. The 24-year-old man was then able to raise more than the target with over $2600 collection. The Bristol University masteral student though said he will donate the money to charity as he already received offers from local companies like Warmley Windows and Essex for free glazing replacement.

Hear more of the strange incident from Liam:

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You Need to Stop Boiling Your Underwear in Hotel Kettles, Stat

Not cool, guys. Not cool.

There are unspoken rules in life that need no inclusion in any physical rulebook. There are things you just don't do. An example, you ask? How about boiling your unmentionables in hotel kettles.

In case you haven't heard, it's apparently a common practice among inconsiderate hotel guests to boil their undergarments in hotel kettles. It's so common that experts are alarmed and feel the need to issue a warning for people to just not do it.

Experts warn that boiling your underwear in hotel kettles can spread deadly toxins.

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Couple Caught Getting Intimate In An Alley In Broad Daylight

Hidden cameras seem to be everywhere these days.

Couples are always told to "get a room" if they are observed to be too touchy with each other. But these days, a lot of the couples can no longer wait and they just had to do it out in the open where anyone can spot them. Videos of couples filmed doing lewd acts in public have become rampant and this new one happens to be in the Philippines.

This couple was seen talking to each other casually as if nothing fishy will happen moments later. They were looking around, most likely to try to see if the coast is clear. What they didn't know is that someone from above was filming them.

There seems to be nothing goin on here....

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Woman Speeding On A Zipline Nearly Bitten By An Alligator Lurking In The Pond Below

A woman testing a zipline nearly got bitten by an alligator leaping from the pond below it.

Outdoor activities are supposed to be fun while experiencing nature is supposed to be relaxing and refreshing. Put them together and people should have the best time of their lives. But what if going on a nature adventure means danger?

A reptile encounter can be pretty scary most especially when it is an alligator or a crocodile that comes popping in front of you. These creatures are usually found in lakes or swamps so if you're going on those areas, be very alert or you might end up being the next special alligator meal.

A ziplining woman nearly became a lunch when an alligator leaped out of the pond and tried to bite her.

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