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Man’s Perfect Tinder Date Ends Hilariously After Girl’s Boyfriend Knocks at the Door

“Thought I found the love of my love, well until her boyfriend showed up at the front door.”


People sign up on Tinder either to look for the love of their life or snag an easy hookup. Reddit user IllmaticWeeknd belongs to the former and he thought he already found the girl of his dreams online. He got on a date with a girl whom he described as “perfect.”

“She was really as beautiful as her pictures made her out to be,” he said.

Not only that, but she actually invited him back to her place and straight to her bedroom. It’s the perfect “date” for any dude on Tinder.

But Tinder being Tinder, well, things can always turn out to be quite not what you are looking for.

IllmaticWeeknd recounted his surreal experience on Reddit:

I guess it’s not a f**k up as tremendous as some of the others on here but it was a f**k up anyway. Also this didn’t happen today it was a couple months ago. Anyway I get talking to this girl on tinder and she lives about 45 minutes away but we are seriously clicking and this girl is just stunning so i couldn’t believe my luck, after a week or so of non stop talking we arrange to meet up her ways which I’m happy to drive to, the whole way up there I’m on the phone to my friend saying things along the lines of “this could be the one” or “I’m glad I finally found someone I’m so sick of being single.”

So I get up there and pick her up from her house, I get out my car walk around give her a hug and open the door for her, in she gets and we drive to a coffee shop to have a hot chocolate together. She was perfect, the whole time I couldn’t believe how lucky I struck with this one. Conversation flowed amazingly, she was really as beautiful as her pictures made her out to be which is rare let’s face it. She was really into me too which was obviously great and we had so much in common. so one whole hot chocolate later she invites me back to her place and without taking a moment to question it I say yes and back there we drive. When we get to her house we go straight to the bedroom and I’ll spare you the gory details but great things are happening (for me at least).

So this is where it starts going wrong, her phone keeps ringing and ringing and She just turns it over and ignores it which I don’t think much of well not until we start hearing knocks on the front door and she really starts panicking, she stops doing what she’s doing and says “I have to tell you something”

“I have a boyfriend and that’s him at the front door…”

Okay so by this point he is literally calling her name up through her bedroom window trying to get her to come open the door so I ask her “what do you want me to do?” To which she responds with shoving me in her bathroom and telling me to dash out when I hear them go into the bedroom, and I’m really not looking for trouble and I’m caught super off guard so I just go oblige as a good sideman does.

Anyway I throw my clothes back on, hide in the bathroom, take a video for my friends on snapchat of me running out the house and block her on everything. That was the last time I dated and tinder was deleted immediately after. Can’t win them all hey…

The escape 🙁

As usual, the comments section did not disappoint. Many thought that the girl may be more than just a cheating girlfriend.

User Formae referred to a story about a woman who made a dude pretend to be the cleaning guy when the husband suddenly returned home.

“At least she didn’t trick you into cleaning her house like that other guy.”

User thecatsmilkdish shared a similar modus:

“One of my coworkers does this. She’s been scoping out dudes since we’re about to get dumped with snow again & she needs someone to shovel her driveway. She’s not really a catch either, just a hot mess.”

User Flashbambo thought it wasn’t that bad.

“But you had the sex? Then all is well.”

User TurboPrius had the same thought.

“You didn’t get the shit kicked out of you. You got to mess around with a hot woman. You have a story to tell. You got some cardio, running away. Sounds like a win to me (yet a kick in the nuts, sorry dude). Not your f**k up. Cheaters suck, and you blocked her – so no karma points against you. Imagine how you’d feel if the disabled husband was in the next room, and you found out the next day. Yeah, THAT was awkward.”


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