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This Brutally Honest Instagram Shows Daily Parenting Problems and It’s Totally Hilarious





We often see parenting pictures on social media that look very promising and seem to imply that being a parent is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

But, expectation versus reality, raising a child is one of the hardest works a couple has to face as they have to give an ample amount of emotion, strength, patience, patience and a lot more patience.

However, this blogger mom named Ilana Wiles created an Instagram page where people can see the reality of parenting, from funny moments to tiring to even worse case scenarios of bringing up a child.

Try to find me mom

When your kids feels at home whenever she’s with you


Here, she revealed the highs and lows of being a mother that sees the truth of facing tantrums and different moods that can lead to a chaos of having kids at home.

I hope other parents will relate to the photos, feel like they are in good company and see the amusement in our daily struggles.

Never mind, stolen shot it is

That moment that I wanted to cry, too


I am always aiming to make the struggles of raising children entertaining. Parents need it!

This is what I mean when I said Chaos

Too cute to make me mad


Wiles page is called Average Parent Problems that unveils the veracity of parenting that they have to go through every day with their kids.

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