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Scientific Hacks on How to Improve Your Wi-Fi at Home

Improve your wi-fi signal with these simple tips!


Our lives today rely heavily on the internet. Businesses are able to provide more services to customers through their websites and they are also able to address issues faster through emails. Researching for homework is also easier for students now that they have Google and Wikipedia. We can even do our shopping online! Truly, the internet has made our lives easier and more convenient. However, no matter how reliable, internet speed and WiFi coverage can still be a problem in rural areas or in places where there are many users – which is why it is important that we know how to tweak our routers and connections to our advantage.

Thankfully, this video from Vox shows us some tips and tricks – from issues like where to place your router to where to place your electronic devices – so that our internet speed at home will not be a problem.

Check out the video below:

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Home & DIY

This Guy Just Made a Fully Functional V6 Engine Out of Paper

Aliaksei Zholner has a knack for creating things from scratch. This time, he created a fully functional V6 engine out of paper.

Some people are just too good at crafting things – and YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner is one such guy.

Why did we say so? Well, this dude made a miniature V6 engine entirely out of paper. How cool is that, right?

If you will browse his YouTube channel, you will quickly discover that this guy is all about fun DIY projects which turn out to be very impressive.

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Small Wooden Cabins Look Like Houses from Fantasy Books

Dan Pauly of The Rustic Way leads his team in creating these amazing fantasy-themed cabins.

When I saw these cute tiny wood cabins by The Rustic Way, my mind went back to the fairy tale books I used to enjoy when I was yet a child.

They look fantastic and by that I mean they look something straight from the fantasy books. I can personally recall some children’s book artists that have drawn houses similar to the styles of these cabins.

So to see the images below is really like a dream come true for me. It’s seeing the fictional pages come alive!

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Home & DIY

You’ve Been Wrapping Gifts the Wrong Way All This Time… THIS is How You Do It!

In less than 15 seconds!

The Japanese really have a talent for more efficient and time-saving way of doing things. This is not really surprising, given the number of great inventions they have come up with. Their genius even  extends to simplifying complicated chores. Take gift-wrapping, for instance. A lot of people struggle with wrapping their gifts and they often end up using too much time and paper.

Now Christmas is just around the corner and soon you'll have to do the inevitable task of wrapping up gifts. Don't worry - with just a few swift movements and minimal usage of gift wrapper, this tutorial shows you how it should be done. Assuming you have everything you need within your reach (scissors, tape, etc), you can wrap your gift in less than 15 seconds. It's possible!

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