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Holy Crab! Woman Claims God Answered Her Prayers Through A Horseshoe Crab Shell

For Christians, God is omnipresent after all!

Vincent Alocada





A woman who has sought a sign from heaven believes that she has been guided in her decision to pursue what she wants in life. And how did she know that there was divine intervention in her decision? Well, she claims that God spoke to her through the shell of a horseshoe crab!

Photographer Cathy Rader of New Smyrna Beach, Florida quit her job so she could focus working on a photo book featuring her town. Unsure if she made the right decision, she prayed to God to give her a sign. She, however, never expected that God would reveal his answer in an unusual way: Through the shell of the horseshoe crab that was given to her.

After praying to God for guidance, Cathy Rader believes that this horseshoe crab has answered her questions.

According to Rader, upon holding the shell of the crustacean under the light, she was certain that God had answered her prayers as it revealed the image of Jesus Christ. For the the devout Christian, the answer is now clear: She was right about quitting her job and taking on a new journey in life.

The photographer said in an interview with Inside Edition:

“It is crazy. I was trying to find funding for my book and asked God for help and he is always saying, ‘Wait on me.’”

The photographer admits that not everybody is convinced that the image on the shell represents that of Jesus Christ.

Initially, Rader wanted to keep the discovery to herself. However, she eventually shared it with her local news station and her story eventually became viral. While many agreed with the photographer that the image is indeed that of Jesus Christ, some thought otherwise.

Rader pointed out:

“It doesn’t look like him to every person, but when you hold it to the light, it comes through… Not everyone is going to see Christ and that is totally fine…It is something for me.”

Still, Rader hopes that the supposed image of Christ can touch fellow believers.

Apart from taking the image as a guidance from above, Rader also hopes that it can touch other people. For the photographer, signs like this should inspire others to reflect on their personal faith.

“We need a sign because the news around the world is so bad,” Rader said.

The horseshoe crab shell is now on display at a local library in the town and is locked in a glass case and safeguarded by security.


Pit Bull Keeps Toddler Company For Two Days As Little Girl Wanders Into The Woods Alone

Fortunately, both returned home unharmed.

Vincent Alocada



While some people are advised against owning pit bulls, reasoning that the breed is unpredictable and aggressive, one family hails their pit bull pet for saving a family member. For them, they would have not reunited with the two-year-old Charlee Campbell if not because of their dog, Penny.

The Campbell toddler went missing from her grandmother's home in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky recently, and was believed to have wandered into the woods. While Charlee is now out of the woods, literally and figuratively speaking, her family believes that she would have not been found if not because of Penny.

It is believed that Penny kept the 2-year-old Charlee company during her 2-day disappearance.

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Cockroach Bread That ‘Tastes Like Peanuts’ Could End World Hunger, Prevent Global Warming

Scientists say that cockroaches are “really good and tasty!”

Nobelle Borines



How far would people go to save the world from hunger and climate change? A group of Brazilian researchers has an interesting solution that could solve world hunger and global warming. The scientists have made a special bread that is reportedly cost-efficient and delicious at the same time. But are people truly ready to eat cockroach bread?

The researchers at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) have proposed adding cockroaches into bread for a high protein snack. However, these critters are not the usual cockroach you might find running around in your home. According to Lauren Mengon, the Nauphoeta cinerea or "lobster roaches" are bred in captivity and are only fed fruits and vegetables.

The scientists used speckled cockroaches for their special bread.

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Car Owner Hit By Meteorite Asks Payment From Church After Insurance Calls it Act of God

He told the priest to ask his Master what he can do about the car damage.

Margaret Tionquiao




Putting a number on the chances of getting hit by a meteorite or any of the so-called 'act of God' is as difficult as it is rare, studies say. However, Percy England of Barwell, England would probably disagree. It was, in fact, an alleged 'act of God' that hit him and his dream, and on Christmas Eve too!

Imagine finding your brand new car with a hole in the bonnet? You probably feel hatred deep down your bones for whoever did it to you. It was perhaps this feeling that filled Percy, after he finds his beloved and brand new Vauxhall Viva damaged by a meteorite on the Christmas Eve of 1965.

Days before Christmas, Percy had bought a Vauxhall Viva HA 1057cc, a small family car, for himself and his family, only to find it damaged on Christmas Eve.


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