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45 Hilariously Unfortunate Names Parents Have Given Their Children

You have to wonder what the parents of these people were thinking.






Some people came into this world having an unfortunate fate of being given a hilarious name. That’s a big “no thanks” to the parents who don’t see names as a matter that needs to be thought of very carefully. Some have regular names but when put together with their last name, then that’s when the hilarity happens. Others, however, just have their full names messed up.

While there are options to change the awkward and embarrassing name as the person grows older, some decided to keep their names no matter how much of a laughing stock they have become.

Here are hilariously unfortunate names of people that will make you feel guilty about laughing so hard:

#1. Jesus Condom

#2. Judy Swallows

#3. Dixie Normous

#4. Jack Goff

#5. Thomas Fister

#6. Brownie Shytles

#7. Dick Pound

#8. Mike Litoris

#9. Chew Kok

#10. Bita Negar

#11. Oliver Loser

#12. Willie Stroker

#13. Destinee Hooker

#14. Phat Ho

#15. Peanisbreath

#16. Anass Rhammar

#17. Dick Champion

#18. Batman Bin Suparman

#19. Tahra Dactyl

#20. Chris P. Bacon

#21. Gowen, Geter

#22. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

#23. Mr. Perv

#24. Sam Sung

#25. P. Ennis

#26. Dick Long

#27. Paul Twocock

#28. Moe Lester

#29. Dickie Head

#30. Shit Fun Chew

#31. Dick Black

#32. Donald Duck

#33. Crystal Methven

#34. Robert Fagot

#35. B.J. Hardick

#36. Les McBurney

#37. Janice Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele

#38. Lord Vol Demort

#39. Tokyo Sexwale

#40. Dick Swett

#41. Krystal Ball

#42. Dick Smalley

#43. Arse Biscuites

#44. Mahboobeh

#45. Sirius Bonner

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25 of the Funniest and Wittiest Graduation Yearbook Quotes Ever

They nailed it!




Graduation yearbooks may not be a big deal for some, but we sure can't deny the fact that when we turn old and gray, this is something that will remind us of our younger days - the days when our biggest problems were algebra equations and research papers.

That being said, we definitely want to look our best in our graduation photos and to come up with a cool quotation which we will be remembered by someday.

And since photographers seem to fancy making us look uglier in our graduation photos than how we normally look (really, why, of all pictures?), we tend to redeem our badly damaged self-esteem through graduation quotes. But, to be honest, thinking of a witty line to accompany our graduation photo is quite a challenge. Sometimes we try too hard and we end up writing a quote that is either humiliating or lame. Now, we don't want to embarrass ourselves further, do we?

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15 Haircuts So Bad It’ll Make You Wonder What They Told Their Barbers

What were they thinking?




It seems like nightmare haircuts were a huge thing in the past, and we are sure memories of it still haunt the few who were brave enough to sport such locks. Oddly enough, such strange "has-been" hairstyles have recently surfaced on the internet and on social media sites, giving us something to laugh about. We know we have shown you plenty of these funny haircut jokes, fondly referred to as "Say No More" barber memes, but we found a few more which are just plain hilarious we couldn't help but share them, too.

So, just maybe, if you're that daring and you're looking for an uncanny haircut to go with your looks, you might want to check out the photos below:

1. Bangs' not dead, man.

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30 Social Media Posts That Will Absolutely Mess With Your Mind

Damn! I am officially mind-blown!

Mark Andrew



These days, social media is no longer exclusively used for communicating with friends and loved ones. It has also become an information highway where you can find interesting tidbits, both useful and useless.

There are some posts, however, that are borderline dumb and borderline genius. I mean, yeah sure, these “facts” may not be crucial to know but they boggle the mind nevertheless.

What do we mean by that? Well go check out the compilation below and see for yourself. You bet you’ll be mind-blown by many of these!

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