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25 Hilarious Photos Of Things That Look Like Dingus But Aren’t






These are not penises. But looking at these photos, it seems that life is practically filled with phallic symbols.

Scrolling down these photos, you also couldn’t help but marvel at how good people are at recognizing peen. These are guaranteed to give you a much-needed amusement in the middle of a work day. Yes, these are totally SFW. Technically.

#1. A really thick sweet potato

#2. A real thumb with a well-positioned cut

#3. A weird-looking starfish

#4. A woman with a baby on top of her, with the infant’s feet near her crotch

#5. The baby’s foot wedged between Daddy’s thighs

#6. A young girl’s arm on his side

#7. A dog’s ear on a man’s midsection

#8. A man’s bald head

#9. A massage chair

#10. A glob of makeup

#11. A girl with her foot between her thighs

#12. Shadow of two angel hands touching

#13. A figure holding a baby

#14. A cucumber

#15. An inside-out sock

#16. Trousers depicting the Leaning Tower of Pisa

#17. A stalagmite

#18. A snowblower

#19. Two mushrooms

#20. Thumb of the person in white

#21. A person using a mortar and pestle

#22. A tube in a science lab

#23. A potato with an outgrowth that looks like a small penis

#24. A small potato

#25. A squirrel with food, probably a loaf of bread

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