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25 Hilarious Photos Of Things That Look Like Dingus But Aren’t

*Technically* safe for work.






These are not penises. But looking at these photos, it seems that life is practically filled with phallic symbols.

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Scrolling down these photos, you also couldn’t help but marvel at how good people are at recognizing peen. These are guaranteed to give you a much-needed amusement in the middle of a work day. Yes, these are totally SFW. Technically.

#1. A really thick sweet potato

#2. A real thumb with a well-positioned cut

#3. A weird-looking starfish

#4. A woman with a baby on top of her, with the infant’s feet near her crotch

#5. The baby’s foot wedged between Daddy’s thighs

#6. A young girl’s arm on his side

#7. A dog’s ear on a man’s midsection

#8. A man’s bald head

#9. A massage chair

#10. A glob of makeup

#11. A girl with her foot between her thighs

#12. Shadow of two angel hands touching

#13. A figure holding a baby

#14. A cucumber

#15. An inside-out sock

#16. Trousers depicting the Leaning Tower of Pisa

#17. A stalagmite

#18. A snowblower

#19. Two mushrooms

#20. Thumb of the person in white

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#21. A person using a mortar and pestle

#22. A tube in a science lab

#23. A potato with an outgrowth that looks like a small penis

#24. A small potato

#25. A squirrel with food, probably a loaf of bread

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25 Times People Won At Life By Being Hilariously Creative

Where was creativity when I needed it the most?




Creativity is an interesting skill to use on a daily basis. But when it is combined with a good opportunity, things can become a bit more interesting. In fact, you have most likely used this combination in the past. You know, the kind of experience in which you were just lucky to be creative at the right time.

Elite Readers has compiled a list of people who, in one way or another, went with the same length. Their works are so creative that it is almost a crime not to mention them. So, without further ado, here they are!

#1. Running out of laces? Use these.

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World’s Biggest Photoshop Troll Strikes Again With Hilarious New Photo Edits

Ask James Fridman for a free Photoshop favor and he’ll do it. But you’ll probably end up regretting it!

Mark Andrew



When it comes to the internet and life in general, everyone should know this thing by now – you can’t expect good results when you ask for free favors. We’ve seen it over and over again, people who think they can get away with free stuff end up getting disappointed.

And they deserve it, right? Besides, the things they ask for – such as editing photos – takes skills and talents. So it’s just right that they pull some money from their pockets if they want to get quality work done for them. Exposure can’t pay the bills, so to speak!

We’re guessing this is exactly why James Fridman continues to be hailed as one of the biggest Photoshop trolls in the world of social media. His wit and humor is totally exceptional!

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15 Weird Town Names In America

No. 8 is hilarious!




Every town name is unique in its own way and is given based on different reasons. A town can be named from a person, inspired by mythology, or by fauna and flora species. Most of the time, these towns have sophisticated names that have a wonderful ring to it.

In some towns in the U.S., however, the names can get really weird, you'd have to wonder why they were ever named that way. Town names can also have an influence on tourism, but, apparently, these towns don't seem to care if they'd be cashing in on tourists or not. Here are places in America that might consider changing their strange names.

#1. Dismal, Tennessee

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