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15 Hilarious Pics That Show Why You Can’t Leave Your Kids Alone For More Than Five Minutes

When you leave your kids for more than five minutes…a recipe for disaster.


Children are innately spontaneous. They can be sneaky at times too. When you have kids at home, your life will never be the same again – you need to be alert 24/7 because when you leave them for just five minutes, you might get back with a messed up house.

Children are also innately funny. They can surprise you with their hilarious antics that will make you want to get mad at them but at the same time, become amused by their imagination and cute ways to get out of trouble.

So, without further ado, here are 15 funny (and disastrous) photos showing that you should never leave your kids for more than five minutes or else…

#1 Never leave your kids with the dog.

#2 When your daughter thinks she could decorate your bicycle.

Source: andjkns
#3 There’s no force more destructive than a toddler left alone for 30 seconds…

#4 They’ll DIY their Halloween Costume…

#5 When you lose track of your toddler for just two seconds…

#6 Why you don’t mess with beanbags

#7 When you let your kid bathe himself.

Source: mikeleeorg
#8 Watcha lookin at!

#9 My 2 year old got caught opening all her lollipops instead of sleeping. She’s good in pretending to be asleep with that lollipop though.

Source: mommyboss
#10 This is what happens when you leave your kids with the dog.

Source: loflir10
#11 Two Boys, one Barbell.

Source: Ellen S.
#12 An absolute work of art.

Source: Danielle
#13 A sweet note before you go to work.

#14 Never Leave Your Kids With The Cat.

Source: ProAndMad
#15 Sudocream boy.

Source: Omko

Do you have funny photos of your kids doing something fishy when you leave them alone? We’d definitely love to see them. Please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!


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