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60 Times People Googled Things By Mistake, But Were Pleased With Results

A piece of advice: Always double check spelling before hitting “Enter.”






Google is pretty much the all-knowing god in the Internet Kingdom. It can search and give you any information you want, with everything just a type away. There are times, however, that we tend to misspell the stuff we search on it. And by the time we hit “Enter” – without even double checking – we’re usually surprised with the outcome.

For example, instead of searching “Channing Tatum” you type “Channing Tattoo” and a bunch of tattoo pictures appears. Or when you tried to search for “Ryan Gosling” but you misspelled his last name (“Goosling”) and thus you end up with images of a goose. You see, this is actually a common thing. You aren’t the only one experiencing this careless mistake. In fact, people have been taking screenshots of their hilarious search results over time. Perhaps they simply want to share to the world their peculiar experience.

So, without further ado, below are the weirdest yet funniest things people get after wrongfully searching on Google.


Source: NoahMoyer

Source: Master_Jakey

Source: anjapatel


Source: abigail_cunn

Source: bandaidknees

Source: Eponine3193

Source: SnacksComic

Source: Danny Page

Source: ShaikHamzah


Source: SFXbelle

Source: lindsayjanej


Source: GMJack

Source: jackieuribee

Source: elipollylu


Source: Racheljetar

Source: Emmikate118


Source: GaryDower

Source: PinkMiruku

Source: Biologistics

Source: mulishajoha

Source: tigersammy

Source: elliefaith

Source: ChrisMcHenry

Source: Peter_Field


Source: Elenyalendon

Source: aie2009


Source: ivymusee

Source: julialoneman

Source: belamibleik

Source: austin0216

Source: OkayItsRosh

Source: Zipzapadam

Source: bheater

Source: Pawley3000

Source: chattykinson

Source: Swirlo

Source: ZuluFarmer

Source: AsianPin

Source: PickleRick

Source: slutcafee



Source: cryteifunny


Source: bartarton1

Source: Lunariasi_

Source: jadengo_

Source: starskehlani

Source: Squishytiel

Source: lannparrilla



Source: M4r_y0

What do you think about this funny compilation? Have you also ever experienced a similar blunder when searching on Google? Don’t forget to share with us what you think by commenting below!


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