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Hilarious Comics Accurately Depict Huge Differences Between Cats and Dogs

#6 is too spot on!

Mark Andrew





While both animals are unquestionably adorable, there are definitely a lot of differences between cats and dogs, attitude-wise. If you’ve lived with either or both of these furry pets, then you probably have an idea what we’re talking about here. You know the joys and struggles that inevitably come as you strive to take good care of them on a daily basis.

And one thing’s for sure – whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you will find the comics compilation below to be hilariously accurate and easy to relate with. These strips, done by various writers and artists, are definitely brilliant representations of what it’s like having cats and dogs at home. You’ll probably laugh along as you read these comics.

So for everyone reading this – regardless if you’re a pet lover or not – do feel free to scroll down below and prepare to have a good chuckle along the way.




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Guy Keeps Photoshopping Himself Into Celebrity Photos, Makes Them Look Hilarious

A guy keeps on photoshopping himself on celebrity photos and the internet is loving his hilarious pictures.

Donna Marie Padua



We all probably have a celebrity or two whom we admire and would die to spend some time with or simply take a photo with. However, their status keeps them limited and as public figures, they are someone who cannot just hang around anywhere and anytime they want to. Oftentimes, these make it really difficult for us average people to reach out to them.

Robert Van Impe, though, is an exemption to the ordinary fan who cannot bond with their idol celebrities. Looking at his photos on social media, celebrities seem to have a lot of time to spare to have some fun get together with him. But apparently, he uses some magic to book an appointment with them.

The Instagram prankster that goes by the name Average Rob has been flexing his superb Photoshop skills by cropping himself into celebrity photos. His photo creations revolve around a hilarious theme which made this Belgian mediocre dude get a huge following on his social media account.

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50 Times People Got Embarrassed For Sharing Too Much Information

Like they always say, “too much of anything is bad.”




I think most of us will agree that there are things better left unsaid. To put it simply, there are things in life better kept private. People don’t really need to know which gasoline station you go to refuel or how expensive your clothing is. Others also don’t care about how many times you visit a comfort room in a day or what your political view is. You see, these are things that no one really gives a damn or two. And it's nothing to be offended about. It's just human nature.

But when you’re on the receiving end of a conversation, it’s usually funny to hear how inappropriate other people become. You're even surprised by the amount of sincerity they have when they share it. Recently, titular talk show host Jimmy Fallon asked people on Twitter to share their most memorable experience - using the hashtag #ThatWasTMI - overhearing others telling too much information. And as expected, the responses were top-notch. Check them out below!


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Photo Of Newborn Baby Goes Viral After It Included An Embarrassing Detail

When you see it…




Giving birth is a joyous moment remembered best with photos of the baby and mother in the hospital. It’s expected that a lot of moms (or even their relatives) would readily share this memorable event on social media. However, what’s supposed to be a heartwarming photo of a newborn turned out to be an embarrassing situation for the baby’s mother.

A photo of a newborn baby posted at Bubs Warehouse International has gone viral after people saw just how much detail it has revealed. This can serve as a lesson for everyone to always double check a photo before uploading it online for millions of people to see.

This looks like a photo that would make any parent extremely proud.

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