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Hilarious and Adorable Things Dogs Do That Only Owners Will Understand

Dog owners can definitely relate to this.

Ann Moises





Dogs are amazing creatures; they’re loyal, intelligent, adorable, and they can lift anyone’s spirits with the crazy things they do. If you ever have the blues, try spending a few minutes with your dogs and pet them. That pure, simple joy they get from the attention you give them can sometimes help brighten up your mood. Yes, their happiness can be quite contagious.

However, you do know that dogs can be mischievous at times. When they’re unusually quiet and they start looking at you with their seemingly innocent eyes, you can’t help but wonder, “What have they done now?”

Well, if you’re a dog person, you’d understand that no matter how ludicrous they’ve acted or how badly they behaved, you’ll still love them anyway.

You love them even though they jumped into a mud puddle after you’ve given them a bath.


You love them even though they try to find ways to sleep on the couch.

You love them even though they badger you into letting them out, only so they could howl until you let them in again.

You love them even though they badger you into letting them out, only so  they could keep on howling until you let them in again

You love them even though they have unknowingly humiliated you.

You love them even though they do crazy things just to escape from the house.

You love them even though they act like a victim when in fact, they perpetrated the crime.

You love them even though you strictly ordered them to stay away from your comfy pillows, but they chose to destroy them anyway.

You love them even though they’re terrible at acting.

You love them regardless of the crime they did.

You love them even though they snatch and eat your food. And they always pretend like someone else has been taking them.


Because despite all the trouble they get themselves into, dogs will always be our best friend.


They’ll protect us when they know we’re in danger.


And they’ll stay when others choose to leave.

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