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Hiker Discovers a Well-Preserved Footprint From A 230-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur

The footprint is said to have belonged to a crocodile-like creature from the Middle Triassic period.






A hiker has stumbled upon a great discovery up in the mountains located in north of Barcelona. He found a dinosaur footprint that appears to have been preserved well. It is believed that the footprint belonged to a carnivore that resembles a crocodile, which roamed the Earth more than 200 million years ago.

Archaeologists say that the fossil is “exceptionally well-preserved.” The hiker was in Olesa de Montserrat when he discovered the ancient footprint. He then reported it to experts who confirmed that it indeed belonged to an extinct species known as Isochirotherium, a relative of dinosaurs and crocodiles from the Middle Triassic period.

A hiker stumbles upon a large footprint believed to be one of the biggest discoveries made in Spain.


Experts also believe that, although the species may look like a crocodile, its position is different in a way that it walked upright and also had long limbs.

Claws and scales were very visible on the print and these marks should give more clues about the history of the place where it was found. Since the skin and a claw print were intact, the fossil is considered as one of the biggest discoveries made in Spain.

Archaeologists say that the print belonged to the Isochirotherium, a crocodile-like carnivorous species from over 200 million years ago.


Source: Wikimedia

It’s not the first time that ancient footprints were discovered in this particular area in Barcelona. A couple of years ago, there were others found there as well, but so far, this recent one found only early last month is the most well-preserved.

A couple of years ago, a footprint from the same species was found in Great Britain.


Source: Ashley Dace

According to a spokesperson for the Catalan government, the municipal council has taken a plastic cast of the fossil and handed it over to the archaeology and paleontology department in the region so that experts can investigate it further.

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Archaeologists Study Mysterious Braided Hair That May Belong To Medieval Saint

The mysterious braided hair even has pieces of scalp attached to it.




When Jamie Cameron was seven years old, he visited Romsey Abbey near Southampton city in the United Kingdom as part of a field trip. There he found a display of perfectly intact braided hair.

This braided hair was discovered buried beneath the abbey by gravediggers in 1839. This piece of relic piqued the interest of Cameron, who grew up to be an archaeologist to uncover the secrets the head of hair holds.

"The one thing, in particular, that I remember was the preserved head of hair in a display case. I'd never seen anything like it before, and ever since that day, I've wondered who this person might have been," Cameron shared to LiveScience. He also added that it’s one of the reasons why he chose to take the path of archaeology.

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Woman Swimming in a River Dies After Contracting A Rare Infection

She loved water sports, but a swim at the Colorado River resulted to her death.




The great outdoors is filled with mysterious and interesting things that many adventure seekers would love to explore. But some can be deadly and may be the result of an individual’s untimely death.

Kelsey McClain enjoyed the outdoors so much and on her 24th birthday, she went to a resort called Fisher’s Landing at the Colorado River. There she spent days enjoying the waters and engaging in water sports. When she returned home, that’s when pains and aches started.

She experienced a pounding headache and the pain would grow more intense. She could barely turn her head without feeling extreme aching. Doctors were puzzled at the symptoms she’s been feeling, but they first suspected that she may have contracted bacterial meningitis.

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Your Solar Panels Will Soon Be Powered by Rain!

Renewable powered electricity, rain or shine…

Dondi Tiples



With the call for renewable energy growing at a steady rate, it makes sense for people to start abandoning traditional fossil fuels for greener and cleaner power sources like the wind turbines and the solar panels to cut down on their carbon footprint.

Solar panels, in particular are enjoying much popularity these days, with more and more consumers turning to solar cells to harness the power of the sun.

solar 1

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