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Stunning Images Show The Dramatic Change That Comes With High Tides and Low Tides





Britain’s foreshore can present scenic views, which, when taken during different times of the day, are equally mesmerizing, thanks to a sort of “magic trick” brought about by tides. English photographer Michael Marten happens to capture photos of the British coastline in identical views taken during high tide and low tide.

The images, also captured about six or eighteen hours apart, are placed side by side and what you’ll see is how dramatic the change can be with tides. Check out Marten’s project below and be captivated by the two states of nature.

Marten traveled the coastlines in Britain to take photos during high tide and low tide.

His photos are compiled in his book, "Sea Change."

The project started in 2003.

I am interested in showing how landscape changes over time through natural processes and cycles. The camera that observes low and high tide side by side enables us to observe simultaneously two moments in time, two states of nature.

Marten was thinking of a photo project that would show the changes in landscape.

The changes he documented were not those caused by human activities…

But rather, changes brought about by natural processes like season, erosion and weather.

While making his way back from Edinburgh, he stopped by to explore the Berwickshire coastline in Scotland.

Marten then spent the whole day photographing the scenery.

He returned and processed the films…

And saw the fascinating effect of the contrast of his pictures.

The photos were taken at low and high tides.

The photographer knew at that moment that he would turn it into his project.

Marten captured a total of 53 stunning images.

“So I set out to find places where there would be a dramatic visual difference between low and high tide and in the process became a student of tides!”

In a feature article found on Lens Culture , Marten wrote about the message he hopes to spread through his photographs.

The tides are one of these great natural cycles. I hope these photographs will stimulate people’s awareness of natural change, of landscape as dynamic process rather than static image. Attending to earth’s rhythms can help us to reconnect with the fundamentals of our planet, which we ignore at our peril.

More of Marten’s work can be found on his website.

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